Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Shopping Alert

Folks, if you live below the Mason/Dixon, you have got to get this bugger. It saves me each day from the perils of residing on this planet. Check it -

Trust me - each of our vehicles have one for the driver and the passenger side. Except the patrol car. The passenger gets to sit in the glare of Lugh and Truth.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

No F*cking Way

There is no way this can go unremarked - no way, too, that it can be true. Else we are far more lost than I dared to believe.

Britons are losing their grip on reality, according to a poll out Monday which showed that nearly a quarter think Winston Churchill was a myth while the majority reckon Sherlock Holmes was real.

The survey found that 47 percent thought the 12th century English king
Richard the Lionheart was a myth.

And 23 percent thought World War II prime minister Churchill was made up. The same percentage thought Crimean War nurse Florence Nightingale did not actually exist.

UKTV Gold television surveyed 3,000 people.

Now there are statistics and there are damned lies - to brutalize Disraeli. WHO was surveyed and what were the demographics because the above is absolutely madness. I cannot fathom that we've in essentially a single generation dumbed down an entire population. And yet how else can the above be possible?

Fuck me running up a hill backwards, people.

For the Cooks

I've meant over and over to mention these and only now remember. If you cook a lot or tend to deal with a lot of produce, you will love these containers. They truly make a difference in how fresh your produce remains while in the fridge. Seriously - lettuce for a couple weeks.

I acquired my set when I was first going whole hog healthy. I LOVE them and could use another set and then some. My only caveat is that the large bowl - for lettuce heads - can take up substantial territory in the fridge. But it works so well!

I know that there is a lot of talk now about plastics and bisphenols. I've asked Tupperware to answer that question - do their products contain those chemicals. I'm moving to using glass containers for anything to be reheated but it'd be fantastic if they offered nukeable stuff without the BSPs.

Anyway, just a tip...especially as the glorious summer produce rolls in...

The Tudor Mind

I ADORE all things Tasha Tudor. She is as an elderly young woman all that I would hope to be at that age. The recent mailing noted this - what a lovely way to think of things...
She stayed up late recently to watch the lunar eclipse, and was thinking about
it the following afternoon during tea, saying “I didn’t know there were shadows
in eternity.”

Do see the pretty Easter eggs and other things for sale. Trust that in a few short years when she is walking that forever garden that they will increase in value exponentially.

[Ed: I know, I know - pessimistic cranky bitch in the morning and garden loving precious prettys in the afternoon...just try living with me.]

Monday, February 25, 2008

What a trip!

I LOVE Motel Zero but rarely manage a stop there. Which is sad because there is always something very deep or ethereal or both there. THIS was just fantastic. And I love the traffic jam haiku. I need to keep that in mind...

I think that sometimes the trip is more...clear...when seen a bit more remotely and at high speed. Life is like that, no? We go through the days and the hills and turns seem random and sometimes insurmountable and yet we find ourselves back Home eventually. It is something that I often forget.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

No Rest For the Weary

This is why I don't get to sleep in anymore. Mind you, I adore the beasty. But I had a bout of insomnia last night - brought on by napping earlier which I KNOW I can't I was REALLY hoping that I could manage a good 7 hrs When he has to go out, he has to go out.

It was all about the dog yesterday. He came with me (night shift, damn it) in the morning for vehicle maintenance travels, then the Bark Park for a long play break later with Dad. And then the convenient bathing location. He's a handful in the tub at home so we thought we'd try one of those places and was it ever worth it! No goofing around, high-powered nozzle...sigh...and then a fast trip to the Bark and Purr for his fancy kibble and the Furminator.
Folks, if you've pets, you have got to get this thing. We literally took off half a large shopping bag full of fur. A wee bit was from the cats but a majority was Ranger's. That after already using a fantastic comb pre-bath that took off handfuls...It was simply amazing.
And today? Well, we get to go see the land that another trooper has purchased. My sister assisted them with the process - she is a pitbull real estate agent. She retains that Yankee attitude and aggressiveness but it's packaged in a pretty blonde shell so you don't expect it. I always thought she was just gorgeous when I was younger and so NOT. It was a striking difference. Even today she retains that beauty. At any rate, she used it to get them through the whole mess. I think any sort of real estate work is a horrid trip through at least 3 levels of hell.
Then, he gets a nap before work starts again - too early for his 3:30a bedtime if you ask me. So he gets to sleep in this morning - if I can get the damned dog to chill out long enough. I just need to work out and get a shower - a Busy Bone might get me through that...I hate to use them but the fact is that it gives me time that I might otherwise not have. A dog like Ranger isn't happy laying in place. So...just a wee bit of time and then we can go for a bike ride. Maybe. Unless I chicken out.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Must Read

Well, I cannot recall where I linked to this but like darlin' Rachel. At any rate, DO read it and be baffled by the ignorance the world is demonstrating.

It is exactly why I believe that what we know now will end. And not in 100 years. In a generation or maybe two. That fast. I may be driven to write a short story about it...

Damn, I sure hope Texas can hold against the onslaught.

Monday, February 18, 2008


I don't usually blog from work [alas, saved and finished later] but I'll have so little time tonight that I had to toss this out there.

You have to read Rachel Lucas' latest.

"Those people exist for one reason: because Darwinism is over for humanity, which is because the rest of us DO share, DO compromise, and DO sacrifice for others. Homeless Booger-Eater may be homeless, but he’d be dead if it weren’t for other people’s charity. Welfare Sow may be feeding her kids nothing but franks-n-beans, but they’d starve if it weren’t for your tax dollars. In a natural setting, the rest of us would kill those people because they’re a drain on the tribe/community. "

This speaks directly to my own belief - open the damned borders wide but there's gonna be an Ellis Island and you will NOT get ANY welfare. No one does anymore, period. But that...that sense of doing your whole duty to care for yourself and your family is OVER. Kids today cannot even handle being given a correction in red ink, supposedly. I can see the writing on the wall.

I adore this guy's officer haikus (or is that Haiki? Whatver.) Today's:
Haiku #11-- Teenaged Girl Driver
Tears have no effect.
I will not be finagled.
Press hard while signing.

Trust me - if you are the only honest person they've talked to that day - "I think you're probably right. I don't know how fast I was going but I was probably speeding..." - you have a very good chance of walking away with a warning. If you demand to see the radar, insist that your cruise control was set, or that you were doing the speed limit when you came to the top of the hill, you are just preparing yourself to sign. But that seatbelt thing? No can do, my friend. That's a ticket each and every time. (Which law, mind you, I hate because it is completely fucking up Darwinism.)

This is my exact opinion of a majority of the people I have to deal with at work. Not necessarily the muckety mucks. But the "peers". You can get the point here. They'd probably function about the same way after as before. I don't mean to imply I am so fantastic. But that they are so...complacent. One exec's calendar is holding up an entire process - will she edit it just a bit to get the train down the track? NO. Because she is a female executive and to make an edit will be to appear weak to the men. Or some such nonsense. It is prolific here among the women...I've met all of 4 who didn't behave that way. So - a mental hollowpoint is on its way to them.

Also, I want a summer skirt of this material over a silk satin layer. Or many layers of organza. I know. Utter silliness. I don't care. I just want. I want a spring full of the palest greens and a summer of Romanesque draping and floating fabric.

And look here what Cherry has gone and done - my dream trip. Well, one of, anyway. She is such a sweet author and you can sense that goodness in her. I do hope that man deserves her! He surely dotes on her, though. You get that feeling after reading her words. Can you imagine living there and being able to see all those Nat'l Trust castles and manors whenever you had the inkling?

I shall try to candy some bluebonnets this year, I think. These violets tempt me to mad little cupcakes of snowy white with a tender lilac decor.

And so, that's it. That's all the madness for today. At least, for now...

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Dream House

When it comes to architecture, I am all over the place with my preferences and loves.

The easiest place to love would be the house in Practical Magic. Some pics are here. I watch it over and over just to see the landscaping and interiors. Who wouldn't love that large room of cabinets to hold spells or just flowers and pots? I think that has to be one of my absolute favorite Victorians. But it doesn't work in every location, does it?

While we were in the Big Bend country I had my mind on adobe styles. I recall that Carol Burnett was once on a show and they had her house featured. It was in Santa Fe, I think. Anyway, what I loved was that the surfaces were all flowing and soft with no angles. The stucco (?) was quite smooth and stained to a terracotta finish. And then she wasn't happy with it and had them wax the entire thing, giving it this rich, deep sheen. So I have an affection - especially in this area - for that Mission Revival and Spanish Colonial feel.

But then...there is that Palladian thing. I have a recurring dream of a home in a very green pasture with many large trees nearby and an entry like this or maybe this but not quite...I love that double curve of stairway. Entirely impossible, of course, these days. But I love that sort of view and it seems quite familiar and welcoming to me. Again, just not right in this part of the world.

So our next home will likely be the basic hacienda style. We both adore the thought of deep covered walkways inside and out of the square and a courtyard in the center. Almost Roman in its sensibility - to catch the breeze and to keep the rooms deep in shade. And I'd love to have much of it in concrete - cooling most of the year. And one can float a wood floor over it in any area you'd prefer that treatment. Simple, simple...

Just as long as I've room for a garden...

Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Big Shoo

I was thinking a few minutes ago about all the fantastic concerts I've seen in my lifetime. Heading home from PetSmart (which is all the shopping I seem to get done lately) I was scanning the stations and hit on Bryan Adams. That show in the mid-80's was among my top 5 for entertainment level and showmanship.

When I lived in TX a long while ago I used to usher shows just to get a free entry. I surely couldn't afford to see them all, otherwise. And it was a nothing job - where some silly outfit and use your flashlight to get stoners to their seats. And after the lights went down on the main act, you were free to hover wherever you wanted as long as you didn't obscure someone else's view.

I saw Journey at least a half dozen times though the shows were often quite similar. Loverboy and .38 Special were always favorites. And Sammy Hagar. He's got to be in the top 5, also. That man - in his youth - was insane on stage. He played a Super Bowl of Rock in TX and was in the damned rigging without a harness. Climbing the damned rigging to the very top so he could see all of us. Fool. Anyone else remember those shows and how they had to literally hose people down with water to stop the heat prostration?

Heart was in its heyday, of course. (I've picked my personal favorite.) Then there was Yes, Van Halen (their first tour, I asked Eddie for a pass because I thought he was a soundman), and Pat Metheny. I saw Stevie Nicks a few times (actually a link to FM but it's my fav vid) and Genesis just once. Def Leppard? Another of the top 5, sure. Bad Company was insanely good even if dated. I remember at that show some hot babe was dancing down the main aisle to the front and the light men spotted her all the way - she danced like an evil spider, seducing its prey. Yes, I remember it still.

ACDC? They LOVE Texas. I saw them quite often. And the Back In Black tour - just fabulous. Just listen to those bagpipes, too. Hot damn.

I can remember a show with The Cult - it had to be the late 80's - the opener was Lenny Kravitz and he rocked the house. The Cult came on but the lead singer was so smashed that they couldn't even get through a song. He went off in a huff and, shortly after, Lenny returned and finished the show to a very appreciative house - even though he had to do some covers and replay his current hit again.

First concert? Well, I was a mere child. But it was in Chicago (`76, I think?) - Peter Frampton (the Comes Alive tour, of course) with Bob Seger opening. It was amazing.

Recently, another show was added to the top 5 - I am sure someone had to take a fall to get them there but Kodo is simply the BEST live show, period. You cannot let those drums play and not feel them in your soul. I'd seen them in Atlanta and sat dumbfounded. Here, Trooper sat with me and was caught up in it just as I was.

I haven't even mentioned the many others simply because time has erased so many from my memory. Those are the standouts. Of course, I also keep in my mind that Van Halen show - one of the last tours with Dave - wherein I was in 3rd or 4th row. Mike blasted out a solo, standing quite in front of me, and when finished, he looked right at me and I gave a "Hmm, I've seen better" eyebrow lift and shoulder shrug, jokingly. He spun on his heel, cracking up and we grinned at each other off and on all evening.

Small moments...but I remember them quite well. Recently? My latest favorite, Del Castillo. That's a band to get you into a lather.

Rock on, folks.

Friday, February 15, 2008


This is the view we had this weekend as we rolled into Alpine, TX.
We headed there for the Big Bend views and desert air.

And to meet up with this fellow.

And you know who had to come along, being recently recovered and all...

Just so you know - it wasn't my idea, this trek to the savage wilderness. But I'm always happy to play along and we're good road trip pals. I am a professional passenger, actually. I have even been known to open boiled peanuts for a driver - I think that has to be the nadir of a professional passenger's duties. But I digress.

The gentleman above is one of Trooper's mentors. He called Mr. Jackson while still an officer in GA, asking about a move to Texas, the Rangers, and DPS. He said, succinctly, "Son, the Rangers aren't going to come to Georgia to recruit you...". I believe he downloaded the application that very evening and so our story began. He called Mr. Jackson again a few weeks ago, letting him know he would be in the area and did he remember the officer in Georgia who'd called a few years back. "So, you made it, then!" he said.

At any rate, it has always been something we've wanted to do - see that part of the world and shake the hand of the man who made this all happen. And so we did...he's an amazing man and his wife is a HOOT. Sharp, witty, and entertaining. He and Trooper talked for a long time after breakfast. And I spoke with Mrs. Jackson for a long while, too. I adored her immediately.

With any luck we'll meet up again next month when they're in town. But the best part - Trooper not only got his book signed, he also was given a signed advance copy of the new book that Amazon hadn't delivered yet.

What an incredible weekend. Full of quiet fun and empty roads. And a puppy who was absolutely the best road dog ever.

Friday, February 08, 2008


Yes, as in the old time gospel way?

Ranger has been up and about so much this afternoon that I can nearly see his old self again. This morning he was moving so slowly and the swelling in his hock was so notable that I just hated to get him up.

But he did - he hobbled out, lay on the living room floor and drank a bit of water and took his med. Of course, it was mixed up with some treats so he hardly noticed. But then he just slept and slept, Jonesy at his side as she has been for days, now. (Strange that they battled all the time but when he has been low the Jonesy and Smokey have both come close to sniff and visit...)

I ran errands much of the afternoon and saw Tom (aka Mr. Magic Fingers) for my massage and then came home to a pup that was...himself. He came out of the crate as though very little was wrong. He lagged a bit but was walking - on all four! And then...moving swiftly, almost prancing as he noticed the pain lessening, I suppose.

And just now, after another few hours of rest and more treats, a loud barking at the noisy neighbors. A rising and barking as though he hadn't been down for a week.

You know, I don't think I can even fathom the is it he went from being depressed and still to bouncy and barky and bright? In a day? And you know what else I can't fathom? The people who deal with this and worse every day of their working week. The vets and their assistants. The shelter volunteers. You people astound me. Because I was an emotional wreck all week over a gimpy pup.

Crazy ass mutt. No treats for you!

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Dog Days

See, I did NOT want a dog. I didn't because it is different from a cat. A cat is your friend but it isn't...the relationship is different. A dog goes with you, understands...and you love them so much differently than a cat.

And I know that this is going to irritate a lot of people but having both I can say it and know it to be true.

Because Ranger has gone lame in a hind leg and it is breaking my heart. I cannot tell you...I search the net for causes and treatments, I know more now about all manner of canine ailments than I could have imagined and yet - he's still limping.

I watch his breathing and hate the vet for not knowing WHY his hock is swollen. I want a definitive answer, damn it. I'm relieved and angry that the xrays showed no breaks. I'm terrified of the NSAID that gives him some relief from the pain because it might hurt him, too.

Maybe its an insect wound and he'll be fine when the antibiotics that his father is bringing home now start to work. Maybe the vet should have given those to us yesterday. And maybe its something worse that she isn't spending enough time considering like a muscle tear.

All these things...all these things in my mind. And I cannot even imagine it getting worse. Actually, I can. Damn it...I love that stupid dog...

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Fly Me

What a crazy week...stayed busy, had hardly a moments peace. And now I am contemplating what I need to do in the kitchen for dinner tonight. I have a sense of PFFFT about the whole thing. Toasted cheese? FINE. But...there's a loin o' pork a-waiting on me to figure out its demise.

Meanwhile, this courtesy of Military Motivator.
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Oh yeah, baby! [Def Leppard is, for some reason, playing very loudly in my head right now.]