Friday, February 15, 2008


This is the view we had this weekend as we rolled into Alpine, TX.
We headed there for the Big Bend views and desert air.

And to meet up with this fellow.

And you know who had to come along, being recently recovered and all...

Just so you know - it wasn't my idea, this trek to the savage wilderness. But I'm always happy to play along and we're good road trip pals. I am a professional passenger, actually. I have even been known to open boiled peanuts for a driver - I think that has to be the nadir of a professional passenger's duties. But I digress.

The gentleman above is one of Trooper's mentors. He called Mr. Jackson while still an officer in GA, asking about a move to Texas, the Rangers, and DPS. He said, succinctly, "Son, the Rangers aren't going to come to Georgia to recruit you...". I believe he downloaded the application that very evening and so our story began. He called Mr. Jackson again a few weeks ago, letting him know he would be in the area and did he remember the officer in Georgia who'd called a few years back. "So, you made it, then!" he said.

At any rate, it has always been something we've wanted to do - see that part of the world and shake the hand of the man who made this all happen. And so we did...he's an amazing man and his wife is a HOOT. Sharp, witty, and entertaining. He and Trooper talked for a long time after breakfast. And I spoke with Mrs. Jackson for a long while, too. I adored her immediately.

With any luck we'll meet up again next month when they're in town. But the best part - Trooper not only got his book signed, he also was given a signed advance copy of the new book that Amazon hadn't delivered yet.

What an incredible weekend. Full of quiet fun and empty roads. And a puppy who was absolutely the best road dog ever.

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