Sunday, February 17, 2008

Dream House

When it comes to architecture, I am all over the place with my preferences and loves.

The easiest place to love would be the house in Practical Magic. Some pics are here. I watch it over and over just to see the landscaping and interiors. Who wouldn't love that large room of cabinets to hold spells or just flowers and pots? I think that has to be one of my absolute favorite Victorians. But it doesn't work in every location, does it?

While we were in the Big Bend country I had my mind on adobe styles. I recall that Carol Burnett was once on a show and they had her house featured. It was in Santa Fe, I think. Anyway, what I loved was that the surfaces were all flowing and soft with no angles. The stucco (?) was quite smooth and stained to a terracotta finish. And then she wasn't happy with it and had them wax the entire thing, giving it this rich, deep sheen. So I have an affection - especially in this area - for that Mission Revival and Spanish Colonial feel.

But then...there is that Palladian thing. I have a recurring dream of a home in a very green pasture with many large trees nearby and an entry like this or maybe this but not quite...I love that double curve of stairway. Entirely impossible, of course, these days. But I love that sort of view and it seems quite familiar and welcoming to me. Again, just not right in this part of the world.

So our next home will likely be the basic hacienda style. We both adore the thought of deep covered walkways inside and out of the square and a courtyard in the center. Almost Roman in its sensibility - to catch the breeze and to keep the rooms deep in shade. And I'd love to have much of it in concrete - cooling most of the year. And one can float a wood floor over it in any area you'd prefer that treatment. Simple, simple...

Just as long as I've room for a garden...


Joan of Argghh! said...

I'd forgotten how much I loved that house in PM!!

However, I think the Queen's digs would do nicely, too.

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LauraB said...

I have to say - even if I can't have the Queen's apartments, I would adore creating a folly of some kind on a convenient hill...

And the PM house was just insanely lovely. So perfect...I think it may be time for another viewing.