Friday, February 08, 2008


Yes, as in the old time gospel way?

Ranger has been up and about so much this afternoon that I can nearly see his old self again. This morning he was moving so slowly and the swelling in his hock was so notable that I just hated to get him up.

But he did - he hobbled out, lay on the living room floor and drank a bit of water and took his med. Of course, it was mixed up with some treats so he hardly noticed. But then he just slept and slept, Jonesy at his side as she has been for days, now. (Strange that they battled all the time but when he has been low the Jonesy and Smokey have both come close to sniff and visit...)

I ran errands much of the afternoon and saw Tom (aka Mr. Magic Fingers) for my massage and then came home to a pup that was...himself. He came out of the crate as though very little was wrong. He lagged a bit but was walking - on all four! And then...moving swiftly, almost prancing as he noticed the pain lessening, I suppose.

And just now, after another few hours of rest and more treats, a loud barking at the noisy neighbors. A rising and barking as though he hadn't been down for a week.

You know, I don't think I can even fathom the is it he went from being depressed and still to bouncy and barky and bright? In a day? And you know what else I can't fathom? The people who deal with this and worse every day of their working week. The vets and their assistants. The shelter volunteers. You people astound me. Because I was an emotional wreck all week over a gimpy pup.

Crazy ass mutt. No treats for you!

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Joan of Argghh! said...

Hooray! Good thoughts and prayers and good medicine... it's all good!

Scritch his ears for me, too!