Sunday, February 24, 2008

No Rest For the Weary

This is why I don't get to sleep in anymore. Mind you, I adore the beasty. But I had a bout of insomnia last night - brought on by napping earlier which I KNOW I can't I was REALLY hoping that I could manage a good 7 hrs When he has to go out, he has to go out.

It was all about the dog yesterday. He came with me (night shift, damn it) in the morning for vehicle maintenance travels, then the Bark Park for a long play break later with Dad. And then the convenient bathing location. He's a handful in the tub at home so we thought we'd try one of those places and was it ever worth it! No goofing around, high-powered nozzle...sigh...and then a fast trip to the Bark and Purr for his fancy kibble and the Furminator.
Folks, if you've pets, you have got to get this thing. We literally took off half a large shopping bag full of fur. A wee bit was from the cats but a majority was Ranger's. That after already using a fantastic comb pre-bath that took off handfuls...It was simply amazing.
And today? Well, we get to go see the land that another trooper has purchased. My sister assisted them with the process - she is a pitbull real estate agent. She retains that Yankee attitude and aggressiveness but it's packaged in a pretty blonde shell so you don't expect it. I always thought she was just gorgeous when I was younger and so NOT. It was a striking difference. Even today she retains that beauty. At any rate, she used it to get them through the whole mess. I think any sort of real estate work is a horrid trip through at least 3 levels of hell.
Then, he gets a nap before work starts again - too early for his 3:30a bedtime if you ask me. So he gets to sleep in this morning - if I can get the damned dog to chill out long enough. I just need to work out and get a shower - a Busy Bone might get me through that...I hate to use them but the fact is that it gives me time that I might otherwise not have. A dog like Ranger isn't happy laying in place. So...just a wee bit of time and then we can go for a bike ride. Maybe. Unless I chicken out.


Joan of Argghh! said...

A good shank bone with some peanut butter inside keeps 'em busy, too.

Gonna get a furminator. Pepper has two coats of fur, one on her, and one on our floors.

LauraB said...

How IS the Pepper?!

Ranger is the first dog I've known that is mostly indifferent to peanut butter...tried it in the Kong and it was a failure.

Joan of Argghh! said...

Pepper's spry as a puppy!

It's a bit of shock to realize that what I saw in the xrays was not degeneration, but abuse from a previous owner. I haven't wanted to talk about it, cuz it pisses me off!

But thanks, yes she's just fine, chasing squirrels and such!