Monday, February 18, 2008


I don't usually blog from work [alas, saved and finished later] but I'll have so little time tonight that I had to toss this out there.

You have to read Rachel Lucas' latest.

"Those people exist for one reason: because Darwinism is over for humanity, which is because the rest of us DO share, DO compromise, and DO sacrifice for others. Homeless Booger-Eater may be homeless, but he’d be dead if it weren’t for other people’s charity. Welfare Sow may be feeding her kids nothing but franks-n-beans, but they’d starve if it weren’t for your tax dollars. In a natural setting, the rest of us would kill those people because they’re a drain on the tribe/community. "

This speaks directly to my own belief - open the damned borders wide but there's gonna be an Ellis Island and you will NOT get ANY welfare. No one does anymore, period. But that...that sense of doing your whole duty to care for yourself and your family is OVER. Kids today cannot even handle being given a correction in red ink, supposedly. I can see the writing on the wall.

I adore this guy's officer haikus (or is that Haiki? Whatver.) Today's:
Haiku #11-- Teenaged Girl Driver
Tears have no effect.
I will not be finagled.
Press hard while signing.

Trust me - if you are the only honest person they've talked to that day - "I think you're probably right. I don't know how fast I was going but I was probably speeding..." - you have a very good chance of walking away with a warning. If you demand to see the radar, insist that your cruise control was set, or that you were doing the speed limit when you came to the top of the hill, you are just preparing yourself to sign. But that seatbelt thing? No can do, my friend. That's a ticket each and every time. (Which law, mind you, I hate because it is completely fucking up Darwinism.)

This is my exact opinion of a majority of the people I have to deal with at work. Not necessarily the muckety mucks. But the "peers". You can get the point here. They'd probably function about the same way after as before. I don't mean to imply I am so fantastic. But that they are so...complacent. One exec's calendar is holding up an entire process - will she edit it just a bit to get the train down the track? NO. Because she is a female executive and to make an edit will be to appear weak to the men. Or some such nonsense. It is prolific here among the women...I've met all of 4 who didn't behave that way. So - a mental hollowpoint is on its way to them.

Also, I want a summer skirt of this material over a silk satin layer. Or many layers of organza. I know. Utter silliness. I don't care. I just want. I want a spring full of the palest greens and a summer of Romanesque draping and floating fabric.

And look here what Cherry has gone and done - my dream trip. Well, one of, anyway. She is such a sweet author and you can sense that goodness in her. I do hope that man deserves her! He surely dotes on her, though. You get that feeling after reading her words. Can you imagine living there and being able to see all those Nat'l Trust castles and manors whenever you had the inkling?

I shall try to candy some bluebonnets this year, I think. These violets tempt me to mad little cupcakes of snowy white with a tender lilac decor.

And so, that's it. That's all the madness for today. At least, for now...

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