Sunday, March 02, 2008

A New Man

I am generally a laissez faire type - everyone can do what they like as long as it doesn't impose upon or obligate another against their will. But I do wish that the concept extended into a sense of propriety; that more people could understand that doing the right thing vs. what they want to do or what will make them money is the only way to get through this life with a clean slate.

His Royal Highness Prince Henry of Wales was to all appearances floundering in his role as the second son. Not as easily liked nor as plainly handsome as his brother he sought out other ways to gain the admiration he needed. Indeed, this is why he was always my favorite - I, too, was an underdog. For a time, his ways were on a downhill run to disaster. (Does anyone remember the Nazi costume incident?)

It seems to me that he did what so many regal misfits of the past have done: gone into battle to prove themselves.

Prince Harry holds the rank of Second Lieutenant (known in the regiment as Cornet) in the Blues and Royals regiment of the Household Cavalry of the British Army, the lowest Officer rank just like his brother, Prince William. Harry was a tank commander, trained to lead a 12-man team in four armoured reconnaissance vehicles. After the decision not to send him to Iraq, he retrained as a battlefield air controller, the job he has been filling in Afghanistan. He was serving on the front line in Afghanistan [2] although he was pulled out on February 29, 2008 after the world media found out about his presence there and the British authorities became concerned for his safety and the safety of those around him. He had served in Afghanistan between December 14, 2007 and February 29, 2008, for a total of 77 days

Now, this service may have been precisely what was needed to lift the man from a position of bored dilettante into a man capable of being a true leader. It is obvious that his cohorts were happy to have him.

In May 2007 British soldiers in Iraq were reported to be wearing t-shirts bearing the statement "I'm Harry!": a reference to the scene in the movie Spartacus in which the survivors of Spartacus's army, defeated by Roman legions, are offered leniency by Crassus if they will identify their leader. Every survivor declares: "I'm Spartacus!"

As was noted elsewhere there was once a gentlemens agreement to never produce evidence of Roosevelt's condition. It was understood that it wasn't necessary. That there were concepts such as honor and integrity at stake. It simply wasn't DONE. And doesn't matter who it harms nor what the cost may be - that story is NEWS, by God, and they will tell it.

I hope HRH finds another way to get back into the field. I hope he can use this to his advantage. And I dearly hope he doesn't become disenchanted with the concept of being a good man. I can assure you that any army in the world would be pleased to have him. I think he'd look quite fine with a Ranger tab...

Hold to your honor, Sir. And dare all comers - as some Texans once did - to come and take it. And I'd curtsy if I could, what with my Welsh blood demanding the honor...

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