Sunday, March 30, 2008


Ah, the desk...the corner of it I am willing to display to you, at any rate. I love that I have sweet peas. In Texas! I had surrendered to the lack thereof in Georgia - it simply would never work.
And then...just a brave toss into the soil in late fall and a constant babying through the winter with towels draped at every frosty evening and...well, aren't they lovely?

The rose is, I think, Madame Alfred de Carriere. My adored Souvenir de la Malmaison is only now budding, slower than the rest. When I've properly mulched the garden again I promise a photo. Just now its all still a bit wintery blah with glorious dots of color. Too, I was really hoping for some pretty dawn or dusk light to shoot it in. Anyway, there you are - and in it you can see the limited territory - the printer hanging on the edge because I need to get a wee shelf for it under the desk. And the slipper...another victim of Ranger's shoe spree. I LOVED my horsey slippers...he plucked out their eyes and ripped off their bridles. The bastard.

Speaking of which - the Furminator has been on duty since we bought it and I cannot imagine the house without its use. See?

How in the world does so much fur come off of one beast? I love that photo - he looks feral and wolfish. But he was really just yawning, I think. And I love his pars. LOVE them and their Frito smell.

It was a pretty good dog wknd. The park yesterday where he fell in love with this lovely white thing that looked like a very large bichon frise. That dog was able to do the fastest turns and jumps! He would literally dart under Ranger's belly and jump over him to the side he started on before Ranger could turn his head. We were doubled over laughing.

Earlier this evening when I went to wake Trooper for his shift we did as we usually do, talking quietly and snuggling to make the awakening a bit gentler. And we started speaking of Muk de Muk. (Long story but essentially Max the cat's name was Mus [Maximus being the total]. And then he lost a toof so he is Muk, now.) We went to how he would have his Chateau de Muk over on Rue de Muk. And that led, of course, to his pennant and associated heraldry.

His would be a velvety par upraised, crowned with a fish skeleton and above it three cat tails like a fleur de lis. Of course. But, Trooper said, not too far away would be the Domain et Doodle. She would have a keep on a hill with a very large moat filled with all manner of dead enemies. Her pennant? Well, it would be a par upraised with one clar poking out and a glint coming off the tip. And dripping from that clar would be the reddest blood falling down and filling up, apparently, the bottom half of the standard. And the Doodleiers would safeguard and keep watch over the Chateau de Muk. (Think Puss in Boots and you know what we mean.)

Those are the sorts of things we talk about. In bed. What can I say?

And now...a link. My friends - well, I want to build this up A LOT because I happen to think her site, her skills with a camera and her ability to turn a paragraph into a vision are unsurpassed. I want to own about a dozen of her shots. And I want my stepdaughter to marry her brother-in-law. I know, he's already married. So maybe they know! Never hurts to ask...with that I bring you The Pioneer Woman.

I dare you to start reading the story of meeting her husband. I started innocently enough at 9 or 10p. I got to bed at 3p. It was that good.

She'll be on the roll soon. I promise. And can I say how much I love the site setup she has there?! PERFECT.

Alrighty then...time to relax a bit, laundry to cycle and crappy TV to clear from the Tivo and then, maybe, I can get through a magazine or two. Now go - see that site and enjoy.

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