Friday, March 28, 2008

Random Crap

Well, this guy nailed it:
"With McCain, Hillary, and Obama in the race, all we need is one more horseman and we've got the Apocalypse."

And speaking of such...
Sigh....see, I bought them the night before. Went to bed. Got up the next morning, got the dog out and made a cup of coffee. By the time I'd sat down and gotten logged in that was what I found.
HATED the dog. HATED him. For about an hour. He got to go back to bed after Dad had his way with him and remained in his crate much of the morning.
Of course, I had to go shoe shopping again...
This week Ranger was at Day Care for a couple days with his best pal, Jasper. He'd come home so exhausted that all he could do was sleep. We LOVED it. And we're thinking one day of Day Care a week might be a good idea. It is so fantastic to know that we can have an evening of peace and quiet. Worth every cent.
It's tax time and about the only thing we had missing was a gun receipt. I called the location and was surprised at the curt response. Mind you, even in person there was one lady who was always very dismissive as she took your money. Maybe in that man's domain she felt she had to be hardened. Regardless, it always made me feel unwelcomed. Well, that phone call didn't help especially when I was told to call again tomorrow and ask for someone else. And so I did.
And yet - the same curt tone and lack of aid. "You'll have to come in." Click. Yes, and that was the other thing - no proper Goodbye - just a click. I HATE that! It's a rudeness that just sticks in my ancient craw. So I told the Trooper - YOU deal with them. I am done and I am spending nothing more with them.
So he runs over there after his class. A brief comment to his preferred salesman and the owner was pulled aside. As was the lady and the man who I was referred to. A private consultation was made and he was assured that future calls would be answered properly and more kindly. Indeed, the lady in question was much more open while he made his next purchase. least he traded it out - sold an old one he hadn't much use for and is replacing it with the new one. He is so lucky I like guns. LOL
And this...well...definitely NSFW but...insane. "Baddest MF'er in a cardigan sweatah".
Alrighty. I guess that's about it. Just waitin' on the weekend. WOOT!


Joan of Argghh! said...

Oh! I have the peek-toe pump version of that shoe!

I knew I liked you for all the good reasons. Heh.


Richmond said...

Oh dang - that's the bad thing about puppies. Good thing he's so very cute!!

LauraB said...

It is the same shoe - the open toe is not visible in the angle but it's there. Great minds and all that...hope you enjoy yours! LOL

And yes, VERY good that he's so cute.