Thursday, March 13, 2008


It has been a terribly hectic time and I feel like I could sleep for two days straight. It was Trooper's 40th bday and we celebrated it like crazy. Things have been there a word to encompass it all? No...suffice to say that he has needed a way to drop all his mental baggage for a time and I picked the perfect thing.

I'll try to Youtube the video eventually but suffice to say he took the plunge and did the static line skydive with sheer joy. He sat through the training, raptly taking in the "square, there, flyable" chute discussions and finally it was time to load up.

Two other men were taking a very high jump so they boarded first. I had to actually call the man back to get a goodbye kiss! He was entirely focused on the event at hand. He laughed about it and then ran back to the plane. When he exited I could barely see the chute but it was quickly growing larger and moving in. The winds were quite high that morning and he'd been concerned but with the chutes he was using they were less worrisome.

I watched as his videographer wheeled in at speed - dropping from the height of a 4 story building to the ground on his feet in less than a minute. He raced to where Trooper was landing. He would have made a perfect landing but that a gust of ground wind snatched the chute and yanked him to his butt.

He was grinning and talking about it for the rest of the day. He called all his friends - everyone knew about it but him - and went on and on about it. I do not think I could have selected a better gift for him.

Later at dinner he received his other gift - a gorgeous Sgian Dubh. His final gift arrived while we were out of town so he received it a bit late. They're both quite nice - his remarked that his pendant (an ancient Roman coin from a legion of Marc Anthony's) was being struck while the hilt of the knife was already a couple thousand years old. We both love that sense of things - the sheer thrill of holding something so ancient.

Then it was off to Atlanta for a trip to the relatives and to see my stepdaughter. She makes the desserts at Ecco, a midtown restaurant that you MUST visit. We took his grandma and she gamely tried everything. Mind you, she's a pinto beans and cornbread type so having the grilled white asparagus, prosciutto de parma, grilled squid and fried goat cheese balls was an entire departure from her normal life. She made us get a copy of the menu and mark what we had. My stepdaughter selected everything for us, knowing best what to have.

And at the end she said we had to try the fennel and black pepper ice cream. Dear GOD, it was good. You have no idea. It sounds so wrong and yet it was fantastic! As were the decadent profiteroles...all in all it was an amazing night and the folks at Ecco were a dreamteam. Everyone was so kind to us, the GM stopping by as did so many was a night none of us would forget, most of all grandma. LOL Just amazing...

Of course, the road trip was very hard on us. Not nearly enough sleep, a couple thousand miles, and worrying for our "son", Ranger. He was staying with the fine folks at Triple Crown and was spoiled rotten, I am afraid. We would call every other day to check on him. I suspect they think we're crazy. But I was comforted by the knowledge that he was in a very fine place and not at all lonely. And if Trooper says that I was weeping when we left you can discount that tale entirely.

I shed one or two, sure.


Anyway, it's all over but the catching up and I am exhausted by the work that yet waits. I tried to get it at least figured out yesterday may be beyond my arts to repair. LOL Madness...well, at least we avoided the dreaded flu - we used alcohol cleanser like water everywhere. At least I hope we avoided it. I keep forgetting that my office is covered up in it...

That's it. Now, back to reality...


Anonymous said...

Please tell the Trooper that I said "happy belated birthday!" Drop a line next time you're in the ATL area...maybe we can to meet for lunch or dinner if you folks have the time.
- zonker

LauraB said...

You got it! It was a total family thing this go round...Be sure to try Ecco!