Monday, March 17, 2008

Tales From the Loony Bin

Have you been reading Crystal's tale of her stay with the White Jackets? No? Oh, do. Scroll, find the start and read on.

I suspect everyone has toed that thin line once or twice - whether driven there by life, tragedy, or even love. I once strolled along it like an avenue, not caring which step took me across it or how often.

And once...a friend came when needed most. I think what surprises me is how far I'd run across that line. Like I was streaking for the end zone - so to speak. And yet, in all that, I still knew to pick up the phone and just dial the numbers. It was almost as if I was remote from it, bemused and thinking that it was an interesting exercise but would avail me not at all. I was wrong.

Of course, writers are often considered a bit tetched. And I think there is something to it - that words are more friendly and comfortable than people. But do go and read...she is doing a fine job there...

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