Saturday, April 12, 2008

All Clear

Well, it's been a rather strange but sweet day, surprisingly. I was feeling rather blah about all things yesterday afternoon. Perhaps it was hormonal but I was entirely exhausted, sick of everything and felt like I was wearing a hair shirt. So this morning when I woke and sent Trooper off with a healthy (as in SWAT try-out LEAN) breakfast I had a sense of...peace.

I rounded up the beast and we headed off to the Georgetown Bark Park so he could gossip with his pals. Turned out my sister was headed there, too. Of course we had to chat through the fence like convicts since her tiny dog would have been trampled on our side with the big galoots. Ranger had his way with them all and eventually just stayed near my ankles, a sure clue that he was too pooped to play.

The toll road ran through the most glorious patches of deep, thick, green grass spotted and in some places buried in that delightful pink tint from the wildflowers. The bluebonnets are fading already if you can believe it. Ah - here. Let me share this wee snippet. See? Our seeds made the healthiest patch of bluebonnets I've ever seen. And you can see the sweet peas in their gorgeous pink, lilac and red shades. There's even a watermelon color on the other plant. LOVE THEM. Anyway, he refused to pose nicely for this shot and I figured the odds of getting him to behave in a field by a highway were slim so...perhaps we can go together next week with his Fahthah. Before they're all gone...

So anyway, home we went - he to his crate and I to my elliptical. I delight in that time wherein I allow myself only the very trashiest of TV. Yesss, gentle readers. The Tivo in the gym is set to capture the antics of those Krazy Kardashians, the old Extreme Makeover shows, as well as the odd yoga and workout program. Trooper has his own favorites, too. And then a shower and off to meet Trooper for lunch. Again, we were very careful with our selections. Then to the local jewelry shop to get his nice watch fixed - new battery - for wearing to Honor Guard duties. There, I saw the cutest little dress watch - all marcasite and filigree band. And the ladies wisely asked about anniversary dates and set out a couple appropriate amethyst rings. I loved one but, in truth, I am rough on my hands. I tend to bash rings about - which is one reason I've no "engagement" ring. I don't like protruding things so perhaps after ten years he can get one of those anniversary rings where the diamonds are inset, instead.

And then he was off again while I headed for home to set the beast free. He's been tired lately and a bit off his food. Not badly so but enough to notice. I suspect it's just another growth spurt or something.

I tossed a pig ear at him to buy this time. I've a stack of catalogues and magazines to read still and I hope he'll stay quiet for that, too. And with any luck at all I'll manage a movie tonight. I wish I'd hooked up the laser disc player - all the really girly stuff is on there. As is Aliens with that delectable Michael Biehn.

Mmm...Mmmm...Yeah. I think Trooper will look something like as try-outs loom. It's strange how I have all sorts of lyrical language and teasing thoughts when I am AWAY from the blog and think, "Ah, perfect to post..." only to find it all wandered off when I am sitting here.

But I will say this - that if Angelina and Brad DON'T make a movie of Thieves World then there is no one who could do it justice. I have dreamt over 4 times now of sitting and chatting with them, handing over my condensed version hardcover, and delighting in the thought that only she could be Ischade and only he could do Strat justice. Strange and strange...

I suppose I COULD be entering my mass of recipes into that fantastic Tastebook but I just don't want to. Tomorrow, perhaps, as the beast sleeps. After all, it'll be a long hike in the morning followed by an early lunch with Trooper. And a nice, long nap for him to follow. Yes, that is a laudable goal...get it all in there so I can trash these torn and besmirched pages...including the regrettable recipe I tried last night for shrimp on cheese grits. I've had them before and its been superb but...there was no gravy in this recipe. Decent flavor was just...bleh.

I do wish the roses would do more...I think I'll set up the soaker hoses tomorrow and lay down the much to do and yet here I sit. Looking at Biehn Abs.

Now that I think about could be MUCH worse. Heh...

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