Friday, April 25, 2008

Alone, Again

I've done possibly the cruelest thing possible to a man: I've asked him to help a relative move.

Yes, yes - he will cart my beloved stepdaughter across country from Atlanta to Denver in her moving van, her vehicle in tow behind. And to answer the question in all your minds - yes, he must love the living hell outta me.

So I sent him off today to the TSA Hell wherein his nice bottle of water was confiscated though unopened (I forgot about the rule). Yeah, I know - you're thinking that as a Trooper he could have pulled rank or something but he didn't. Doesn't, really, ever. Anyway, he has arrived and I suspect he has found things Not Quite Done.

I had my suspicions that she was doing more Farewell Party-ing than packing these last few months. We all know that moving is a bitch, sure, but when you know for 6 months? Well, at any rate, her "friends" (did any show?) haven't gotten it all loaded on the van yet. Bless that man of mine, he didn't even curse. Not once. They'll continue working and he'll sleep on her floor tonight.

Personally, I am entirely disappointed in what she has and has not done so far. But as he says - you can give kids the toolbox and tools - what they make with it is all their own. Still, I cannot help but recall that I never relocated without a job, never needed a cosigner on anything and...well...anyway, it's just been one stressful hurdle after another for us both.

And here's the thing: she's NOT a bad kid! She's NOT irresponsible or a druggie or a user of people. So how she went from stable to grasping for help I don't know. All I know is that I married the sweetest man in the world and he is doing for her a tremendous thing. He is giving her time to sleep, a safe passage, and a gentle landing in her new life.

Yeah, I owe him.


SO...a weekend alone. And what have we done? Lined up the series of Sex and The City episodes and already dined on chicken soup (yup - terribly sore throat just in time for my weekend of single-ness). Up next is a divine little dessert composed of the leftover ganache from a friend's birthday cake and the whipped cream from same. It will grace the lovely low calorie ice cream sandwich in the freezer and see me through the first episode. I cannot WAIT.

Of course, there is the dog...a lot of park time and a visit to his best pal will, hopefully, have him quite tuckered out.

But I sure do miss that man of mine. I think I'll put new sheets on the bed and snuggle in early with a book - something I so rarely do anymore. And call him before I go to sleep to hear his sleepy goodnight. What a gentleman...truly.

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