Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Good Enough Life

As I read the delightful Pioneer Woman I have this dire urge to chuck it all and find our own ranch where the only vehicles on the road will be our own and my view will be unimpeded. I've had this ache to just STOP for some time, now. Actually, since 2001 when I actually did stop. It was a divine year of nothing - of doing absolutely nothing. Well, spending all my 401k, sure, but...glorious, sweet nothing.

Last night I got the hankering to take a few photos while that evening light held - just some quickies with the digital but I hope tonight I can get Trooper to help me so I can get some nice shots with the 35mm and Velvia. Ranger popped his head in, too, briefly.

You can see the carpet of blooms which were just a lustrous almost cherry trees in Japan pink. Again, the digital doesn't do it justice nor did the light that I missed by perhaps 10 minutes.

I love our nearby pasture neighbors and their rusty barns and equipment. It's the view I wish I could have all to myself as noted above. Just the grass forever and the springtime blooms in wide swaths of color.
And that tree - that tree is special though I cannot tell you why. It's got a tremendous form and when I walk by it I get a sense of, "Well, Helloooo!" So I hope I can do it justice, too, later.
Ranger and I went to the new park in Pflugerville today. Yes, that's the name. It always reminds me of Petticoat Junction for some reason. Strangely, both times we've been there have been owners who were completely unskilled in reading dog behavior.
Now, I don't call myself an expert at all but I know MY dog and I know what that smart Cesar Milan teaches. I can see if your dog's tale is between his legs or if his head is tucked. I'm not going to let Ranger eat him, for cryin' out loud. But Ranger plays with energy and sound. He is a growler and grumbler and if you didn't know it, you'd think he was going for the kill. Which is why I preface every more-than-cursory encounter with that caveat - he sounds like a demon but it's totally playful.
Today, this woman had a dog that you could see was tentative in its experience. It was trying but skittish. Ranger was full of beans so I directed him to the more energetic types for an hour. Then the agility course and finally the lazy "how ya doin'" meet and greets. I allowed him to approach the Nervous Nellie and her dog. The dog was all, "Oh, hey - yeah, I feel better - let's give this a go.." but she was in a state! I told Ranger to go and we moved on. But I felt sorry for her dog that was merely echoing her own excited and fearful state.
He was exhausted after that and still lays around resting. I took the time to run and get more mulch for the garden and could NOT help myself. The little local garden shop has such a FANTASTIC selection! It's as though I had gone and picked every thing I'd like and put it on display.'s African Daisies and Scabiosa for the front with some double petunias here and there. As I put them down I realised that there would not even be enough. Too, I'd been looking for something white and lilac to brighten it up but in truth I think just something buttery yellow might do well.
After the success of the sweet peas and bluebonnets I feel almost as though I have my old skills back. I'll have to find some photos of the old I do miss it. Of course, that was during my year of Nothing. Gardening, swimming, and eating well ensured I looked HOT. And I was, damn it.
And today - shhh! - the scale says I lost 7 lbs. Hot damn - I may just rock that formal event if I set my mind to it! Now, if I can just find a dress...

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