Saturday, April 26, 2008

Just in time...

...for my darling husband's truck throws a code. Sigh! Well, I suspected it and confirmed today that it's the damned O2 Sensor - but at least it's the #1 - I believe the #2 is the one near the cat convertor and an entire BITCH to remove. (Yes, I've replaced them once before...)

So I have the item in hand and purchased the handy proper socket for same and may tackle that in the morning. I can drive his truck for now tho, in truth, it isn't terribly harmful to drive mine as is. Maybe I can get our pal Les to help out.

I ADORE Les...he runs a towing service and is the consummate gentleman of the road. He takes his work seriously, has made an ingenious air bag system for lifting vehicles (out of parts and things rather than paying the $50k or whatever for the "system" from a manufacturer), and has the COOLEST trucks. He just bought a huge one that will tow damned near anything. LOVE IT.

Anyway, I suspect I can get his aid to pull the part - the sloping driveway here makes it rather hazardous to jack the truck up.

The storm rolled through here last night like a freight train. It was lovely, I must admit, what with the stroboscopic lightning and the giant tower just off to the north. I suspect many people had an awful time of it. We merely had lashing wind and rain.

We spent a FANTASTIC time in Houston last week, visiting the MFAH exhibit, "Pompeii". If you've any interest in antiquities this is a must see. Of course, we were both very excited by the set of gladiatorial armor but the jewelry...that was just astounding. The workmanship was as good if not more detailed than anything at Tiffany's. Go look at the images on the site. There was a silver cup covered in olives that was supremely decorated with the smallest borders.

The crater reminded me very much of the one that Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema used in so many of his paintings. And the frescos...there was one that was so lovely but you could not take photos so I can hardly even tell you of its detail and beauty. They would use perspective so well, creating these views as though in a temple open to the sky. Maddeningly lovely.

So that's about it. Time to find something to eat - soup, I think, for this nasty throat of mine - and then the park for dear Ranger who has been so patient this morning.

Quiet...such a lovely, quiet morning...

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