Sunday, April 27, 2008

Muckety Mucking Crap

I am so tired of this rain...I know - we need it. But...I am unwell. I've some sort of crud and utterly without patience so trying to explain to a 65 lb dog that it cannot go out and play is getting tiresome. As is the inside play that we're resorting to.

So I thought we'd all take a nice nap. stepdaughter appears to have moved cross country without bothering to take note of the mover's phone number nor that of her new apartment. Yesterday it was the electric company in Atlanta because she didn't request a shut off. WTF?! I am a wee bit tetch-y today in the HELL do you MOVE and not have a fucking LIST of important phone numbers and a checklist of all the things you have to get done and have them all DONE?!

Oh, seems she PACKED all the information. In the middle of the truck. Somewhere.

I adore her but...this has become the most ineptly managed piece of shit ever. EVER. And I am pretty much giving up at this point. No more referrals, no more asking my execs if they know Denver execs. Nope, done. Because I just can't take on her lack of preparation anymore.

Oh - and let me note that she is moving into an apartment that has some of the worst online reviews ever. Oh, it's near a yuppified park and in-town, etc. But it has no central air. You get a unit in the living room. HA! And parking but even if it's your spot it is not enforced. No closets...I mean, it's a complete rip-off as far as I can tell. But what can you do?

So I shall do the only thing I can - make appropriate noises on the phone when she calls and let her sink or swim on her own. I don't like to be that way but I have done more than most already. I think it's time to walk away.

For now, I promised myself I'd get my office figured out since I've some peace and quiet. The damned dog can kennel for awhile longer. A few hours and I might at least have it sorted out a bit! Damn it, I feel like crap. And I needed that poor husband...

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