Friday, May 09, 2008

The Amish: Our Best Defense

So...I've been thinking now and then about the markets and how they will react when everything goes to hell. Electronic paycheck? Pfft! Money in the bank? See ya! Stocks, bonds and all that jazz? Toodles, dahlink. Essentially, we've decided to move our entire world, our lives, our incomes to binary land, just trusting that it will always be there.

Not if the Chinese plan works.
China's Cyber Warfare Doctrine is designed to achieve global "electronic
dominance" by 2050 which would include the capability of disruption of the information
of their enemies. This doctrine includes strategies that
would disrupt financial markets, military and civilian communications
capabilities as well as other parts of the enemy's critical infrastructure prior
to the initiation of traditional military operations. With all the attacks that
have been attributed to China, there has to be significant intelligence out
there about techniques, cyber weapons and strategies that have been used in
these cyber assaults. The proliferation of China's cyber capabilities will be
the topic of a Congressional hearing in DC on May 20th. This hearing will
examine "China's Proliferation Practices and the Development of its Cyber
and Space Warfare Capabilities
."Military and intelligence sources have known
that Chinese cyber forces have developed these detailed plans for cyber attacks
against the United States and others. It is believed that the plans for such an
attack were drawn under the direction of the People's
Liberation Army

Now, I don't intend this to be a slur against an entire country and the population therein. However, any sweet nothings that you hear whispered in your ear are just the platitudes of a rapist. The time will come: their sheer numbers will demand it. And all your 1's and 0's will be theirs.

So for me the key is to have other wealth - tangible valuables. And skills that will be of use. I can't be certain it will be a requirement in my lifetime as I am something of a geezer. But the failure of the system seems to me an assured development. Not If but When.

All the chit chat about global warming - oh jeez, did they change the label again? - global changing weather?! - WTFever...those conversations will be stilted as the adherents try to figure out how to chop wood with a hand ax. All those fake nails and highlights? Useless. I actually get a bit of a giggle when I think about it.

Hey - I could be wrong. I sure hope so. But I'm not betting on it.

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