Thursday, May 15, 2008

Eating Humble Pie - With Chopsticks

A recent post here delineated "China's 16-Character Policy: 'Combine the military and the civil; combine peace and war; give priority to military products; let the civil support the military.'"

"As we content ourselves with the fallacy that never again shall we have to fight large, technological opponents, China is transforming its forces into a full-spectrum military capable of major operations and remote power projection. Eventually the twain shall meet. By the same token, our sharp nuclear reductions and China's acquisitions of ballistic-missile submarines and multiple-warhead mobile missiles will eventually come level. The China that has threatened to turn Los Angeles to cinder is arguably more cavalier about nuclear weapons than are we, and may find parity a stimulus to brinkmanship. Who will blink first, a Barack Obama (who even now blinks like Betty Boop) or a Hu Jintao?"
Look here for an interesting update on the whole Chinese Navy thing...

"The threat from Chinese submarines, long touted by "hard liners" in the West, now includes the ballistic missile submarine base and protective tunnels for the craft being constructed at Sanya on the southern tip of Hainan Island in the South China Sea."

Now, this isn't news exactly (to those maintaining an interestbut what is interesting is the escalation of the news. What was once merely bandied about amongst those in the know and here and there on the net is now finding its way to mainline media. I have to hope that it won't take long for all the pieces to fit together...

Like this tidbit neatly placed nearby...

"There are over 100 million computers that have been compromised and are now part of botnets. The largest botnet is thought to owned and operated by the RBN -- Russian Business Network. They lease capacity of their botnet for spamming and other more sinister purposes. The second largest botnet is owned and operated by the Chinese military. The estimated size of their botnet is put at 85 million and growing fast."

Add in the fact that a gazillion components come from China and we are set up for a massive data mining operation that will be sufficient to give them an upper hand in any transaction. Think your corporate merger plans are unknown? Or fiscal issues? Stock pricing concerns?

Does anyone recall this taking place?
"In January 2002, Loral reached a settlement with the U.S. Government in a case
relating to the company’s involvement in a review of a Chinese rocket
launch failure in 1996
. Loral agreed to pay a civil fine of $14
to the State Department without admitting or denying the
government’s charges." [Emphasis my own.]

Now, in the process of "going broke" it managed to transfer its assets to eventually start XTAR. They have managed to recoup that loss, I take it...
"On 05 Nov 2007, XTAR announced that it had received a new contract from the US General Services Administration. The contract has an unlimited spending ceiling and
may be used by any federal, state or local agency to acquire XTAR's high-powered
X-band bandwidth and services."

Again, all things just randomly connected....with the most slender of threads - like silk.
Back again to 1996...
  • On February 14, a People's Liberation Army (PLA) space launch vehicle crashed destroying the Loral Space & Communications satellite it was carrying. PRC officials kept American investigators away from the crash scene. When they were finally allowed access, they found the militarily sensitive encryption chips were missing even though their encasing was left intact (encryption technology denies outsiders access to, or control over, American satellites in space). Loral and Hughes Electronics' engineers were accused of giving missile secrets to China in the ensuing investigation of the launch failure.[6][7][8][9]
  • On March 27, Energy Department officials were notified by an American agent that it appeared the PRC recently stole U.S. neutron bomb secrets.[10]
  • Sometime in April 1996, intelligence analyst Ronald Pandolfi wrote a report for the CIA warning about military implications of Hughes Electronics' sharing of missile expertise with the PRC. The CIA decided not to distribute the classified report to select government officials, as is routinely done with intelligence estimates, saying it was insufficiently rigorous. The report would be kept from Congress until late 1998.[11]

Do you see the long game being played here? And just how close we are to the end thereof? The earthquake may put it off a time - or, if their somewhat artificial economy demands it - escalate the matter.

But it's dull, no? It isn't full of fake tits or weaves, micro minis or "reality". No, it demands study, logic, and a concern for national security that extends beyond some sort of simple-minded platitude about "bring the boys home". And this is just one country. We've an entire handful of them to consider. If we can pull ourselves away from American Idol.

Fucking morons. "You Maniacs! You blew it up! Ah, damn you! God damn you all to hell!"

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