Saturday, May 10, 2008

Lightfoot Lads

Being a supporter of a strong military I tend to lean towards the forces echoing envy. What I ought to have done when I was 18 instead of what I chose to do often makes me melancholy. I'd have been one of those Careerists - once I commit to a thing that's it.

So reading this post I found myself quite moved. How to leave it behind and yet not wait too late to do so? After all, you need your health and something of your youth in order to move on to something - anything - else.

And how often I've seen the old military portraits, the medals and uniforms with frayed ribbons laying in piles at a flea market. He writes of putting your fist in a bucket of water and pulling it out - of how that is the hole you leave when you exit the world. And that is the most succinct way of putting it I've ever read.

It is precisely how I feel about my own life.

Once gone, all these words, feelings and thoughts will be rendered silent and meaningless. No one will care. It truly won't matter at all what I did or did not do. And in that...pointlessness...there is much freedom. It is what comes from being willing to be the end of the line.

Still, to all those who went before from Milite to Field Marshall - to them do I give my greatest admiration and respect. A toast to them all and the words I always silently offer, "Through a glass, darkly..."

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