Thursday, May 15, 2008

Make An Effort

Can I just tell you how sick I am of listening this lovely cool evening to the SHRIEKS of the demon spawn in the neighborhood? One cannot even enjoy the evening for the blood curdling sounds that emit from the maws of the "children". How is one to know if something truly awful is happening to them?

And not only here - no, everywhere I go children are conversing and otherwise communicating in tones and language that was unheard of in my time. If we screamed that way there had better be weapons and/or blood and broken bones involved. Matter of fact, my father once stopped the car on the side of the road, thinking one of us was hurt, only to find that we'd gotten a bit loud in our complaints.

We each got back in the car with a sore ass and a quiet demeanor.

In the grocery was a child telling their parent that they were, by God, going to buy that cereal or else. And a delightful little girl took delight in running down an aisle then literally screaming at the top of her lungs. I stopped her, told her to stop it this instant. She looked surprised only a moment until the frustrated older sister - perhaps 10 - rolled around the corner. And the game began again with a very pointed look at me as she screamed.

I don't comprehend it. How can a parent allow that to even take place after the age of 2? A sharp smack to the face tends to put a halt to that sort of thing. And if you think that's wrong then I do hope your child is one of sweetness and light. There is nothing wrong with corporal punishment. Look around you to see the results of the pain-free child rearing - drugs, piercings and a disdain for logic and honor that astounds.

Seriously: how hard is it to raise a child into a proper behaving young person rather than a bellowing savage? Trust me - I raised a sheer genius of a girl for 4 years. I've dealt with the screaming fits (a cold shower helps if they can sustain it a full hour in their room). I know about back talk and lying. Showing your utter disappointment in them can often make more impact than words.

I fear for the future. I truly do. Because these animals will be in charge. Frightening.


Anonymous said...

Yep. Gonna be a high-tech Lord Of The Flies scenario, if you ask me.

- zonker

LauraB said...

Hmmm...well said. And not far off the mark, no.

But who will be the "grown-up" capable of stepping in and ending the nonsense?