Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Towers and Cows

Madness of late at the office and it will not improve for some time. A weekend of ups and downs. Or vice versa if we're thinking chronologically. A very upsetting Saturday followed by a long motorcycle ride Sunday to clear the mind. But it was all back here waiting on Monday...

We spent Sunday evening with friends who have the perfect old country home - tiny but...so peaceful...the cows got into the wrong pasture so we all loaded up in the old truck and herded them back across the hot wire. Which then had to be restrung. The boys looked so...western.

Of course, Ranger's best pal lives there and you can see how they don't get along at all. Ah, well - that's a lie. They tussle and play for hours. This time Ranger had a wading pool to get in and took full advantage. Made a hellacious mess, too. A bad guest...

I like this view - in full gallop while his pal is putting on the brakes to turn and avoid the ball thievery on Ranger's mind. Amusingly, Ranger had ducked under the other hot wire to go see the cows in the pasture, hardly even looking back - just heading off for an adventure until we called him back. Crazy fool dog.

What I wouldn't give to have that pasture and a place there and not ever again deal with another moronic corporate type.

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