Sunday, June 15, 2008

Asking For It

I was over at Ree's place where the latest post has everyone from the city aching for that country life. And I know what they mean.

Now, when I can get to, through and home from the post office in 5 minutes at Christmas time I have to wonder at what I ever thought was good about the city. I was a bachelorette in Va/Hi, Atlanta, paying insane rent for a tiny sorta basement apartment. I had to get a cart to bring home the groceries (I didn't drive) just like my mom used to have. You had all manner of human detritus along your walk and the library contained another kind. The living, breathing kind that liked to sit by the kids book section. Of course, there was The Screaming Man who liked to terrorize the people at the bus stop, too.

All so I could be in the "hip" and "cool" part of town.

Well, there is nothing like waking to peace and quiet, to a vista outside your door, to the knowledge that no one will be coming down the road screaming without an officer being in hot pursuit.

And this is a fairly thriving metropolis compared to, say, Cistern, TX. Ah, yes...just a few miles from Smithville (my favorite town) and a world away from Atlanta. We'll be going out dancing with friends there as soon as schedules coincide. It's just a little crossroad town.

How I found anything worthwhile in that city I will not know. I don't think I could ever go back...


Joan of Argghh! said...

Atlanta. Ugh. It's never been a favorite of mine, and I have family living in Marietta. I hate going thru Atlanta and I've only actually visited it once. 30 years ago. It was enough, even then.

Of course, I loved Mexico City, but what's 20 million people or so, if they're all friendly?


LauraB said...

Ah, Marietta...we were just a bit past there in Kennesaw. Trooper was one of Cobb County's finest. (Now, THAT was a great uniform...sigh...)

I watch Rick Bayless' cooking show all the time and love all the locations he shoots - but it's a fearful thing to consider, now. Being more than the average tourist...

You need to post some pics back in the day!