Monday, July 07, 2008

Death and Destruction

AKA Jasper & Ranger. It was the latter's birthday on the 4th (well, close enough, anyway) so we had a little party with some cake for the dogs. AND a pinata full of snackage - a perfect gift from his other pal, Pailey! The next day his best pal came to spend the week with us as his family went on vacation. Suffice to say it has been interesting.

They adore each other and do nothing but play all day long unless you make them lay down - or they pass out. They literally exhaust themselves. Which is, of course, wonderful. Jasper is a fine boy and very good. He is mostly an outside dog at home so we're teaching him the inside manners.
He is not as fond of cats but has been schooled. Ah, yes - I believe it was Jonesy that tagged his snout. After that he was well behaved. He does not like how they can creep around the house without him noticing. They'll move behind him, he gets surprised and barks in irritation. "Flanked! By a cat!", he thinks.

I wish the digital camera had sound but for now I can offer this snippet. Yes, Ranger consistently whips his ass. But only because Jasper lets him. He could easily toss him to the ground, I think. But Ranger is rank in the rodeo parlance. Here -take a peek. Hope the rez is decent...


Trust me - there was a lot of grunting, barking and whining going on but if you look close, the teeth aren't clenching. Mock battles...with kisses after. A lot like the humans, I guess.


Joan of Argghh! said...

Interesting kisses...


LauraB said...

OMG. You know...I forgot the ending of the vid was so...graphic. Hilarious!! But tis true! Just like the humans!!