Sunday, July 13, 2008

Dog Day Afternoon

This is the life, I guess. Ranger'd been sort of dragging ass around the house, pouting I think for his pal. So after a few hours of waking up the husband (night shift after a chase) we headed to Austin to see the latest park option.
It's miserably hot for Ranger so we've been looking for good water options and found it at Red Bud. We'd heard people speak of it, seen it mentioned all over the net. But we finally just went there. And glad we were, too! Superb access points all through the park allowed us to find peaceful locations for Ranger to practice his swimming. He LOVES the water.
Of course, his first time at Bull Creek wasn't as pleasant for him - he didn't know what it was, really, to swim. But now he paddles like a labrador, pleased to splash and play. The park was quite busy, though, since it was post-church and post-hangover time. A lot of kayaking going on, too. I think we'll have to get Ranger a lifevest to wear so that he can get all tired out and then just have fun paddling without worrying about his getting overtired.
He's passed out on his bed, now. I think that - after I get the french bread in the oven and the puttanesca prep'd - it will be time for a bath to remove that riverine scent. Lord knows he has a pound of sediment on him, too. At any rate, what a terrific find. Not great parking options, mind you, but a lovely place to let a dog cool off.

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