Friday, July 18, 2008

Rock Honors

I'll be damned if I didn't stumble onto some history...VH1 Honors is giving due credit to The Who. I happened across it as Pearl Jam performed - quite well - "The Real Me". It has an absolutely insane bass line paired with an absolute thunder of drums. One knows there is a lead guitar path in there somewhere but for me those low notes carry over all.

How I used to adore them...I had a phase you might say - post-Robin Trower, pre-AC/DC. And Quadrophenia spoke to me intensely. As one man noted in the intro, the arenas would quake. I'd forgotten that sensation, actually. I never got to see The Who live but others, yes - others where the fans and the music were so intertwined that the very hall moved in response.

So when Adam Sandler finished his intro (and yes, I do miss Keith Moon very much indeed - he'd be showing the young men how its really done) and those green lasers started their dancing...and the notes for "Baba O'Riley" rang out...I got chills up and down. Of course, I also thought about Billy and how he'd know exactly what lights those were and how they were aimed and timed. And how he'd understand that for me those drums will always be the hallmark...I like some guitar, yes. But...oh, that rumble...I do love it.

At any rate, as the guy from Coldplay said - when you hear that music it makes you feel like you should just give up.

Yes. Because no one did it as well.

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