Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Brigid of the Flame

That flame being the one of her intellect...goodness but she makes my posts look like drivel. And I am alright with it. Just as long as she keeps writing.

Look at this lovely birthday musing.

I've only recently starting reading her blog, likely linked by Lawdog but I surely cannot recall now. It doesn't hurt that she seems quite lovely in form as in demeanor. And that she can cook better than even I can and that's saying rather a lot. Especially, as she notes, these days.

Of course, I am envious of her ability to take wing as it pleases. But I take a great deal of pleasure from her writing thereof. If you've never been in a small aircraft you really ought to try it. It is nothing like that tin can of farts that we take from one Thanksgiving to another Easter. No, the air is alive you see and it sometimes wants to stroke you like a lover and other times wants to dash your pretty brains into the ground. It is only your attention to the matter immediately and constantly that keeps it in check, that deathly caress.

Intoxicating, indeed...

But then, too, it was her name that gave me some comfort at first glance, a harkening back to when all I did was learn of the TDD and the names of the vast cast of characters peopling that stage. Of course, I was more an admirer of The Morrigan...but She suits my darker self. Goodness, how many years have passed since those days...nearly twenty of them!

Oh, I am aging and I worry more now for the endings. Aching for tidying up of loose ends lest anything untoward happen and leave things all awash, a detritus for someone else to deal with. I shall not have it. There are too many things going on just now to permit it. It is...profligate waste to not care for it.

Ah, well - no matter how much we plan, life will just Be. Nothing nearly as random as we like to think and yet some things so completely...pointless that one has to believe in a Loki, a troublemaker in the web. And still...triune...all things always return to the three, no matter from which direction you come. That always surprises me...remembered anew at each finding.


Brigid said...

I don't think anyone will read your post, and the way the words ebb and flow and call that drivel.

You have a talent all your own. We all come into ourselves in our own time, you seem to have found yours.

Thank you for the kind words. - B

LauraB said...

Thank YOU, m'dear! Quite the compliment...