Saturday, August 30, 2008


Another Saturday, another day doing a few things Trooper would do if he were home. Or a few things he's gonna gripe about when he pulls in and sees them done.

Frankly, when the adjoining homeowner mows their lawn I like to mow mine, too. Make it nice and even, and we sort of keep up with each other. Only problem was that Trooper left me with about a 1/4 cup of gas in the can. Which meant mowing on the run. On a hill. Hooo doggie, it was rough. But I eked out that last drop and finished it off so I'm pleased.

Then it was time to tackle the front garden area. It needs a lot more help but for now I moved some petunias to pots since they were not happy in the ground. Cut back the hedges, too. I HATE when a home has hedging coming up past the windows. Folks, they are ornamental. Don't just assume because it is a thick branch that you can't hack that sucker out. And do I ever. It forces new growth from the inside, ensuring you don't ever have that weird naked leggy thing going on. With the hedge, I mean. Sheesh.

And if you turn your pruning shears so they are upside down, you can get a really graceful rounded shape in your pruning. Unless you enjoy that regimental flattop `do on your shrubbery. Hey - to each their own. Of course, that brings out the inevitable scramble for the cuttings. Oh, how pleased I am to no longer be dealing with holly bush hedges! Dear GOD, all around GA that is what they consider a fun hedge plant. Yeah, well - good security at the windows, maybe, but what a pain to deal with.

But the roses...well...I got too tired out for them to get any attention. Tonight in dusk I'll have a nicely sharpened blade to put to their out of control branches and some cut up hosiery with which to secure them to their arbors. (Yes! It is the very best stuff - doesn't harm the delicate skin of the branch, lasts all season, and ties quite nicely.) In truth, they haven't bloomed as much as I'd have liked but then I've been less attentive to them than they'd probably like. I am bracing myself for a flush of autumn bloom so their pruning will have to be mild.

However, allow me to note that I intend to do very little additional work and this is why: we've an inside offer on a lovely house in a very nice neighborhood. I detest subdivisions. Truly. And we'd prefer a rather lot more land but...this one...the houses are all on 3+ acres so no one is right beside you. And everyone has horses and pastures and barns. Of course, the price point is larger which means a more desirable sort of person. Yes, it isn't snobbish. It is reality. At any rate, I shall be saving all my plant money for the new place. And any other money, too.

The motorcycle will likely be sold to aid in the project. He's been considering it for some time, it being a more youthful sport bike. Someday we'd like a Goldwing, sure. But for now all it has done is cost us insurance.

I cannot wait. Unless we find something more suitable, it will be our new home. And good, too, that we found something in the county because it would appear Trooper is...advancing. No more shall I say but it is obvious change is coming. He just has to bide his time, take his tests and continue up the chain of command. (Which I never think of without hearing Jayne saying that it's the rutting chain he's gonna beat you with...)

So there...rather a lot done and now some food and a shower are in order. And then? Complete indulgence in a pot of tea and my new Victoria magazine and assorted catalogues. WOOT!!

BTW, things may get sparse here in the coming month...I've rather a lot of medical goings on just now. Appointments like crazy, a lot of thinking and doing. But it's good. It's all about time and good. Yay me. I guess...we'll see!!

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