Sunday, August 10, 2008

A Quiet Night

Ah, night shift...not my favorite time of the month, sure. There is, however, some pleasure in the personal selection of DVD viewing, music listening, and very dark chocolate indulgence...

Right now, the really superb CD "Meditations For a Quiet Night" plays, setting the mood for the sleep to come. Even Ranger seems lulled by it. I have the series of four CDs and they are a very good compilation of some of the most evocative classical music made.

A little Northern Exposure earlier put me in a winter state of mind. We've a winter vacation to finish planning - Grand Targhee after the new year, we think - so I've that to care for. I love the cold...the layers of clothing, the way the cold wafts off when you enter a warm room. And, of course, the crunch of crisp, new snow. I will stamp on it like a child, taking great delight in the sensation.

Perhaps tomorrow I can consider this mess and what might come of it. "...a bottomless badland where $500 billion of Western aid since World War II (more than four Marshall Plans) has barely made a dent in the poverty."

At any rate, it's late, it's quiet, and I am rather thoughtful about a great many things. Remembrances and wonderings. Enjoying the solitude but still wishing he'd be home before midnight. No such luck...

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