Friday, August 29, 2008


Sooo much going on and so little time...but there are a number of good hits out there just now.

Such an illustration of the morons on parade. Poor Moxie...

This WGN radio show - listened for a few hours only to find that the Obama supporters could only muster up a "you are a doody-butt and a meanie and I hate you!". Re: Milt Rosenberg show with host, "Kurtz attempted to look at the files of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge of which Barack Obama was the chairman in the mid-90's.".

Another article re: the Annenberg issue here.

Brigid gives out a fantastic snippet of Truth.

That's about it...Trooper is upstairs on the treadmill and I've a head of hair to wash. Well, and the rest of me, sure. I mean...who keeps a hairy head around just to wash it now and then?

Don't answer that.

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