Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Smack That Communist Ass

Well, now...if this didn't just crack me up...

I have not given a moments thought to the charade going on over there. It is all nonsense and I feel badly that the int'l athletes are having to suck it up and perform there. Of course, a stronger spine would have prevented them from going. But hey - they'll have the memories, right?

This linked from Billy was a very could post about the matter.

"Despite the inclusion of elements like this, I couldn't find
myself convinced that the opening ceremonies should be viewed positively.
Regardless of all the razzle-dazzle, what we witnessed was a calculated attempt
by an oppressive government to justify itself through a mesmerizing performance
on the world stage. It's a variation on the old Roman “bread and circuses”
theme, except, of course for the bread (think how many capital goods
$300,000,000 could buy to increase worker productivity and thus help to
alleviate the wide-spread poverty in China). The ceremonies were a debut ball
for China as a nation, with all this implies for a country ruled by a
nationalistic authoritarian regime; they were a thinly-veiled celebration of the
state. In this respect, I found the 2008 opening ceremonies eerily similar in
tone to the 1936 games in Berlin."

Just so. As the old saying goes, "put silk on a stick and it'll look fine". You can dress that shit up all you like but the fact is that every person on that field marched with a gun in their back. Or that of their family.

I refuse to give them any more attention than that. Nor business. (Want to play a fun game at Walmart? Try to find items without a Made In China notation on it.) But go ahead. Watch. Admire. But never forget the pointy boomsticks backstage.

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