Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Can I Shop Yet?

I know, I know - it's all a POS out there in the world but I don't care because it is all about me and my tiny hooters, people.

If you haven't met me - which is 98% of you - then you have no idea from whence I came. But you may be familiar with Beth - Dog The Bountay Huntah's wife - and you get the general idea. (As an aside, she MUST have some lovely custom long line bras and/or corsetry. Period.)

I have dealt with that...burden...since I was 12. Oh, it took a decade to get to their max. But it was one hell of lot of pain, trouble, and shopping misery. So I am thoroughly thrilled to be considering all those things I always denied myself. Empire waists. Dear GOD, the empire waist tops that I shall own!! And halter tops. Strappy camisoles, too. And...yes...I may even one day go out in public sans bra altogether! But the best thing? The BRAS. And no more $80 numbers unless I WANT to.

People, I can waltz into VS and get something off the rack. The thought just flat out amazes me.

At any rate, the healing progresses. I can start to feel the nerves repairing themselves. I went out for the first time tonight, getting a comfort burger and just LOVING it. Even with the "grenades" stuck in a sack at my side. (That is Trooper's term for the drains which of course led to the concept of pus grenades and their benefit in protest marches or anarchy.)

While eating, I made a face. He asked me why and I said, "Imagine the cat holding on for dear life to the nipple with all four paws' worth of claws..." We cackled and then the pain was gone. FUN! I reckon I've about 6 months of those interesting moments.

But right now? I cannot wait until the drains come out...just have to wait for Friday. I hope the surgeon likes her work. To be honest, I haven't really bothered to get all excited about the detailed condition of the puppies. I mean, I am already thrilled. As long as they are relatively normal looking, I'll be happy.

C'mere, catalogues...


Somerled said...

Well, it should be easier to draw from a shoulder rig and shoot from the Weaver or isosceles positions. And perhaps you'll have more money for ammo because of spending less for chiropractor visits.

Some of the ladies in my clan have had the same problem. Enjoy and continue to heal.

All the best to you and the Trooper!


LauraB said...

Indeed! I shall have to holster shop now that I've more options.

I feel for the other ladies...while this was a last ditch effort, I don't regret it a bit.

(And how happy to know Trooper is okay with it, too...a husband's support in this sort of thing is so important...such a gift...)

Billy Beck said...

Good for you, Lauraluv. Very happy to hear it.

Brigid said...

I think it calls for at least one new holster. Glad you're feeling perkier (pun intended).

LauraB said...

Bad Brigid! LOL Totally perky and grinning ear to ear now that the drains are out. WOOT!!! Maybe we'll go to McBride's tomorrow...

Ah, Billy! Thankee!! This is my year for health maintenance (before the govt decides to do that for me). A few more minor issues and I shall be ready for the next 40 someodd years.