Saturday, September 13, 2008

Deciphering People

There were a couple things I wanted to mention before they got lost in the day...

You have got to see this Shorpy photo...a school picture, it contains every single character that you can summon up in your mind. Yes, the chairs were just as I recall from my own grade school days (except that mine still had a hole in the upper right corner for the ink well, long gone). But note...

Everyone dressed as well as they could...the worried academic guy who knows war is his future, the pretty girl whose hankerchief hides the boy she'll miss...the angry boy who wishes they would all die...the sexy librarian type who will make someone a very happy husband...the not quite able to muster up innocence gal who casts an envious and sad look at the innocent, pretty one nearby...the one who is slow, held back a few years so that he towers over the rest...and the stoic, quiet boy who doesn't really care at all, accepting what Is.

It is an evocative photo, indeed. Note, also, that Shorpy now is offering free iPhone wallpaper for those of you that have the Minder. (I especially love the 40's aviation set...)

And now, this utterly hilarious take on the Biden "Cloud-Pirates of Khandahar" event. The comments are spot-on and full of cackles. The truth?
"In February, Joe Biden was one of several U.S. senators rescued by Dempsey and
other members of the Phoenix-based 158th Infantry Battalion when the helicopter
carrying the senators made a emergency landing in the mountains of Afghanistan
in a snowstorm."

Biden's use of the event?
"He'll ask her about "The superhighway of terror between Pakistan and
Afghanistan where my helicopter was forced down"

The winning poke? "Wow, Joe. You've really been in the shit, haven't you? You've seen fire, and you've seen rain. Mostly rain." Spewed coffee on that one, I did.

Is there any way to make this whole thing any more comedic? And tragic - at the same time?

Mind you, I have my own thoughts about the Biden Affair which leans toward his being a sacrificial lamb all along so that, next month, he can step down and Cankles can step up, with a beatific smile and superficial grace. I'd said as much in the past - she and The Messiah™ have had a plan. That is why the battle was so...polite. No way in HELL she'd not have used both barrels on him (figuratively, people; I know with her it's hard to tell sometimes) in a real campaign.

Now, the reason behind my thinking about so much...sub rosa...dealings is not because of my belief in a vast conspiracy. No, I have held papers in my hands that were much more...incredible to read. No, it is simply that you can tell the true motives of people who desire power over others. It is very simple. She would never give up that chance without much more of a fight.

Motives. It is a very simple thing to forget when dealing with people and yet the most telling. Never forget that and you will often be able to find the truth in a matter, no matter who you are dealing with.

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