Wednesday, September 03, 2008


THIS angers me so deeply and so...intensely that I hardly have words for it. Do you not see the utter depravity in the world today? That a child could find this to be an acceptable action? And was that a fatass parent I saw loitering nearby?

And Kerrville's PIO Krebs only barely misses being a target of my ire. "I've got something on you and I'm gonna show the whole world and the whole school that you ran away and didn't stand and fight." Really? Is that your take on it? Because I see it much differently.

I see it as just the tip of the iceberg of what that victim has probably dealt with from that piece of trash. I see it as something that could have turned into a murder had a blow hit just the right spot on the head or neck. I see it as the entire collapse of society as we know it caught in a 30 second snippet of hell.

If there is a Hell, I sincerely hope that child gets to know it intimately. At the very least Karma ought to bring her some justice.

Simply disgusting. As for the victim - I hope she reaches out to me. Or any DPS officer. Because she needs to learn a few things before this happens again. Indeed, there is much she needs to know...


Somerled said...

It is savagery, utter feral behavior. And although I'm not from Texas, it doesn't sound like simple assault. No doubt the 32-second video is, as you said, the tip of the iceberg.

I would have bumped this up higher than municipal court here--the district prosecutor and Social Services would have been contacted. It meets all the elements of aggravated kidnapping in this state.

LauraB said...

I have to agree. And I ought to ask Trooper what he thinks - he knows the code quite well, surprisingly, since the book is HUGE.

Seriously, this was far more than what was portrayed in the media. I simply cannot imagine...that poor kid.

Thx for the comments!