Monday, September 01, 2008

Emergency Chocolate Cake

So Trooper came home today after a very early shift and asked, softly, if he couldn't have just a plain chocolate cake. Not a 3 layer fancy buttercream confection but...just a plain ol' cake. Well, you know me. I was quick prepared. But only because of the darling woman and her perfectly named Emergency Chocolate Cake.

I used all sour cream in my version. And yes, I always have a stick of butter softening on the counter - what of it?! In short, this thing is so danged simple and easy that I hate to make more of it was DELICIOUS. Within an hour it was cooling on the rack. Sure, you could gild it with some chantilly cream. Or go a wee bit decadent with perhaps some cherry liquer - a reduction of Chambord, perhaps?

But trust me - cut off a hunk of this and just eat it out of hand. GORGEOUS, a perfect crumb, and far too easy to taste so good.


Brigid said...

You read my mind. I got out my recipe and an old photo of Guinness Chocolate cake and am going to make it Friday when I'm off after working 10 days straight. Yum! You're looks awesome!

LauraB said...

LOL Well, I see that you've whetted our appetites, Badness.

It was fantastic cake for being so dang simple!!