Friday, October 03, 2008

Damn It...

I made Trooper and his pal some coffee to ease them into the first night of the evening shift. Sadly, it appears the mere scent of coffee is sufficient to keep me awake.

I have a doctor appt in the AM, stupid body.

C'mere, Sleepy Sleepy!!


Sheep. No, this is Texas. I shall count...armadillos...and the longer it takes me to fall asleep, the more I shall allow to be run over as they cross the road.

What? No, you never see the damned things anywhere else. I haven't the slightest idea what their natural habitat is.


There - that one is to get the rest of them in line.


1 comment:

Somerled said...

We do get a few armadillos up here in Kansas during their vacation season. The winters are too cold for them, however.

THUMP-thump: that reminds the of the sound a large coon makes when traveling through a wheel well. (It happens usually right after one's spent money on an alignment job.)