Thursday, October 02, 2008

En Brochette, Verily

Speaking of BBQ...that would be me and you, folks.

Billy points to another post elsewhere in his post here and notes the following.
"I'm in. Right here, right now, for better or worse. I've always said so when
things turned to thoughts like this: I'm an American, goddammit, and I'm not
going anywhere."

Have you seen the monstrosity they are trying to foist on the public? Is it because they all know this might be the last feed at the trough? I am not a thru and thru anarchist but utter shit such as what is being plattered up for us now puts me on edge. How dare they?

I told Trooper last night that this was why all gov't must be local - you can find a lousy SOB in a state. But where to fire the volley federally? And all the muttering about martial law - I tell you this. The odds of them finding enough soldiers willing to put down a reasonably upset public are slim. The boots know the story and only a few of them are power hungry enough to do the bidding of thieves.

I watch it all distantly. Is this the tipping point? Is this the line in the sand which they have crossed, unwitting? I suspect as much as more and more actual data is put before the sheeple. Even they can see that the whole thing stinks. Sure, they want their piece of the pie but they sure can see that it'd be a whole lot bigger if not for the pork taking up room on the plate.

Little flutterings of concern in my belly...all the What If's flailing it possible we could be a Republic again over this? It'd be an interesting bit of history. And to imagine - living through it.

All the same, check ammo levels and get the last minute preparations done. This might all just end with whispered mutterings and a continued slide to ruin. Or, it might just get very, very loud.

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