Sunday, October 12, 2008

Eye Candy

I suppose the following could be considered inappropriate by many but I think it a kind of artistry. Back in the day, I was treated to such things now and again and it was great fun. Mind you, they were the finer establishments...

This is lovely.

As was this though she got extra points for the socklets - technique different and yet still quite apart from the usual. Admittedly, it looked a bit more like practice than "live", lacking that fire...

I'd forgotten all the words left behind until this evening when I mused over the above and remembered. My God, it was good.
At lunch, with my eyes glittering hard and my words offering no retreat, he
asked me "Is this really you? Are you always like this?" "No," I thought. "Not
always. We are, occasionally, worse."

Nigh unto 20 years ago...

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