Saturday, October 11, 2008

Luddite In Disguise

I am just about sick of this new cell phone - generally, because it's a Blackberry wannabe (Palm Centro) that ain't cuttin' it. Yay! I can't wear earrings and talk on it because it activates the touchscreen and does funky crap.

Yay! It goes dark immediately after showing me some screen that appears to need me to select something.

Yay! It rebooted itself yesterday and lost EVERYTHING I had in there - including my purchased ringtones you lousy SOB that I likely will have to pay for again except I'll find some way around it, by God. I OWN the music - there has to be a way to put it on there.

Anyway, I think this one is going back to the store before I load another single thing on there. And can I just say how much I hate having something new like that with too many things to learn? I loved my old phone - basic, simple, use it, hang up...

If you know me, you know that I am not - like most other women - a talker. I never call anyone, really. I see women just jabbering away on the damned things and cannot comprehend. There is no one I want to talk to so much for so long that I'll use a clumsy hand numbing implement to do so. Too, I am better at email. So, yeah - if you think my not calling you is a slight, do not!

I simply communicate better in writing and in person. On the phone, I am distracted, unable to think of what I'd like to say, wishing you'd just spit it out so we could plan to meet for dinner and have a nice, long chat then. Or, you can be like my stepdaughter and do all the talking - that's okay, too! I don't mind that.

I suppose I ought to just embrace the technology...I used to be a happy adopter of new gear. I'm getting old, damn it.


Joan of Argghh! said...

I didn't have to read beyond the first sentence to know exactly and say, hell yeah.

I can do computers and whatnot, but new phones just suck.

I've noticed that since I don't work in an office where I need to talk all day, and have been home for two weeks now, that I'm losing my voice when I have to speak for more than a few minutes.

What I would have given for that problem back when I was over-working my voice with hectic work and two music marathons a week.

Nice to be quiet. Not that I have anything to say, I'm so bored. But I HATE talking on the phone, too. Can't understand it.

Now, about that coffee...


LauraB said...

Anytime, darlin'...

Appropo of nada - are you painting again?