Sunday, October 05, 2008

Morning Madness

Well...this is one of those things which, when found, simply has to be noted. Even if it is with a googly shake of the head and deep drink of coffee.

Herein, a crafted teratoma as found here. They are obviously teched. Of course I want a bat shawl! Are you nuts? Who wouldn't?! And oh so many more things...

Also, too - my stepdaughter is making me nuts again. Same ol'. It is hard to be a hands-off parent of an adult. You want so much to shake sense into them - to point to stops on your road of life and say, "Look! This is what that decision did to me! Stop it already!" But their road is just that - Theirs. Still....gggrrrr....

The dog is making me crazy. Wants to go on a walk so badly and I've hardly had a cup of coffee. Trooper gets to sleep another couple hours so I'd might as well but damn it Bob - I sure miss those mornings where I had zero obligations.

The boobs are looking pretty good - settling into themselves, sorta. The underneathy cautery and stitched area are rough to the eye but the rest seems pretty good. I think the surgeon forgot a stitch when she took them out Friday so I'll have to get Trooper to do it - oh, he'll LOVE it. I'll be freaked out. I found a couple ancient unworn bras from two husbands ago. LOL They fit! They never fit back then being balcony types and really intended to just make a lot of cleavage. But now they are like baby bear's porridge. (And I think Trooper really liked them, too. LOL)

Alright, alright - we'll walk. Sheesh...all so that he can wander the pasture smelling deer and coyotes. Or whatever it is that beds down over there. All I know is it makes him happy. And it won't kill me, I suppose.

Teratoma. I love that word!!

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