Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Another Raffle - Barrett Rifle

Yup, here it is - hope the link works whether or not you are a member of the group.

Barrett M468 6.8SPC rifle

Do we need another one? No...but then isn't there something about how the fastest reload is another loaded weapon?

Personally, I like the thought of having it as a spare. And the price was cheap - I think I bought 4 or 5 raffle tickets. Too, it supports the system of one of the coolest guys on the net (and a damned good photographer, too).

If you've never run a large site, you cannot imagine the expenses associated. If it's a large site with a larger fan base? Well, you better work a second job because if it doesn't have nekkid folks on it, you aren't likely to make much money via subscriptions.

And check out the lighter, too. Thinking of getting one of those for a friend. A gentleman of the road...

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