Sunday, November 09, 2008

An Appropriate Read

I've long been a fan of Asprin's Thieve's World. Mostly because it was evocative of where I grew up, echoed in those alleys the same internecine wars, the same cons and the same whores. But it also had the soldier, dutiful if flawed. The officer, holding what can't be held through sheer force of personality.

If things go as badly as they might, the books would be a good primer on the sorts of "politics" of the streets that may come up.

I had never considered my wasted youth to have any value. I suspect it may have been a preparation, far too early. Rusty, those skills. Being able to read a person from far know the "turf" and the owners thereof. It's a complicated business and the only thing I've seen that even comes close is The Shield. Even then, the characters tend to operate logically - far different from the truth, the random and manic violence that just happens.

And you may trust that anyone of less than respectable intentions will be...early to the process. The key is to see the change coming and to be in place before it does. But we've all had blinders on for so long - the dimmer light offers precious little illumination. Intentions harder to detect, motivations less obvious.

In other news...some new folks have been found. One uses "fuck" more than I do - amusingly! Another suffers my own need to know everything about everyone. Here a very brief review of cyber-security in the DoD. (Yeah, I'm not-famous for about 15 seconds.)

Lastly, from my best pal whose education and work I envy with every fiber of my being...and, of course, backed by one of my favorite techno pieces. Sorry but if that doesn't make you salute in your pants you need help.


Joan of Argghh! said...

Got a little street justice for ya.

I think every constitutional conservative should buy one, if able, and start making the Obamunists nervous.

LauraB said...

Oh, hell yeah...mind you, my budget may only allow for a Scout II - but dressed out properly it'd do.

Suhweet ride, that, though. Thx for the link. I can dream...