Sunday, November 02, 2008

Further Evidence

Not to harsh anyones voting mellow, so to speak, but doesn't this just make clear how useless the entire thing is, now? Do you think this person is the only one, that it only happens on the local topics, that it isn't spreading like the plague?

Even if it wasn't wrong to give other men virtual guns to hold against others on your behalf - even then you have to admit that the mess is broken. Broken in the fists of people with absolutely no respect for your rights, and no sense of honor. None.

ACORN has so polluted this tragic affair that it no longer MATTERS what one does. One state alone has enough fraud to convict a dozen people. Just one state. Do you think they stopped there?

And I have found that good friends are revealing actually adoring the man destined to ruin this country. I am taking the high road, saying not a word, because it will make NO DIFFERENCE to them. Their own prejudice so deep and wide - all the while swearing that this will remove the stain from us all. Fuck them. Deeply and widely.

Does that make me a bad friend? I don't give a damn. It's about me, mine and the Republic. That's it.

It's enough.

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