Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Morning Duty and Mourning Duty

Trooper had honor guard duty yesterday (and I fondly reviewed his photos online today - love that spit and polish uniform) and came home exhausted. Which, of course, meant that Ranger needed some personal time this morning.

We went to the local pasture, something he loves to do. We think he is far more suited to Search and Rescue than Security in terms of personality and the videos give the sense of why...I hope they aren't insanely large files...I wish you could hear his wuffling. Made me giggle. Oh Gawd...I am baby talking to him in the 2nd one. My apologies in advance. Please know that I am mortified.

We have to do some research but I think it could definitely be his "job". He needs one, being that type of dog. All in all, he makes it a fun if blustery excursion. (And I think he has the cutest doggie butt when he is all hunched up like that.)

If I don't manage another post of useless hooey, I hope everyone has a terrific holiday! Me? I am getting my list ready so I can go to the store. Woot!


Joan of Argghh! said...

Good doggie!

Hey, you know I love you, that's why I'm pointing you to The Dollhouse.

Christina said...

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!

; )

LauraB said...

Late to respond to these - sheesh!

Joan, you are a wretched creature to further burden the weary Tivo. But I adore you for it because I've heard NOTHING on this!

Christine, I KNOW you feasted!! I hope it all went well!

(I ruined a simple fish dinner the night prior so I was just CERTAIN I had bad cooking mojo...seems it was just a bad night!)