Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Turkey Shoot

What a terrific way to spend a day with family? Well, some of them, anyway. Took visiting family members to the range to shoot a wide variety of weapons. The group was an interesting mix of new shooters, non-shooters (gimpy hand), a former Soviet Army shooters. And Trooper, of course, giving instruction.

I don't think we could have found a better endeavor! Everyone had a terrific time and were surprised, I think, at just how fun it can be. And this with your basic paper target. Nothing fancy. Turns out that the Soviets thought arms training for 12 hrs a day for a month was about right. Turns out that even 25 years later the training sticks with you. He was a terrific shot!! And so eager - he made it a fun time.

My sister has been wanting to try it and was very pleased with the experience - another one in the fold, as it were.

There was the handy ol' .380, my basic 9mm, his 1911 (gorgeous creature), and 45, as well as his boyhood's 22, my AR15 and his SOCOM rifle. A generous plenty (similar to the photo at the header though a few have been traded out here and there). I held off on shooting much, allowing Trooper to spend time on the visiting shooters. The non-shooter took dozens of photos, cackling at her husband's fluency with the weapons.

We'll head back Friday, I think, alone and spend time tuning the rifles with the new sights. I had no idea it'd go so well, frankly. We're trying to talk them into moving here and I think today's fun was a big step in the right direction.

And tonight? Well, I've been slaving over the "sides". My SIL is making the turkey and I am making everything else. Hence, this late post...done but for one more load of dishes to wash. And a shower. But I think that can wait till morning. Right now, this is for you guys.

Make it a SAFE and happy holiday - buckle up, sleep it off instead of trying to get home, and if the family starts to make you nuts, remember there are many empty chairs at tables around this nation and mothers weeping quietly in the kitchen for the lost and absent ones.

Well, that and apply alcohol. My SIL declares she has acquired more Mead for the occasion.

Dear God. It could get ugly.


Brigid said...

I hope you have a wonderful day!!

Joan of Argghh! said...

Happy Thanksgiving, TG.

You're one of the best sorts of people... just right. And that's no faint praise.

Thanks for your blog friendship!

LauraB said...

Thanks to you both! It was a terrific holiday in which no one was overly rude, nor overly drunk. Hey, we take what we can get in my family.

Now, off again to a new range. WOOT!