Saturday, November 29, 2008

Who DIDN'T Shoot This Holiday Away?

(In this post I will attempt to use accurate grammar. Unlike the prior post which was composed after the inhalation of much sugar and butter.)

Ah, what a wonderful day it was - we drove to Houston as did a few other family members - since my brother was on-call at his medical facility. We brought Ranger along, having introduced him to their behemoth and gut ripper dogs already. (He and Gut Ripper get along great. Behemoth has to just bark from the sidelines in his lack of stamina.) The dogs were outside much of the day, having a great time.

Inside, we were feasting like never before. I'd put all my sides in nukeable glass dishes which worked out nicely. Everyone got along and there were very few inappropriate comments. (There are poorly raised teens there who come up with foolish criminal situations to quiz Trooper with...) Dad was, as always, entertaining. Dancing, singing, speaking of many things. Trooper sat with the Rooskie and they talked about the Cold War, each from their view of things. It was extremely interesting for him.

But then, the next day, we fortified ourselves with buttermilk biscuits, eggs, and some more ham before heading to a new range. (Did you notice that this was re-enacted by nearly all the bloggers you know?!) This one is open 365 days a year! AMAZING! And tho not indoor, it has a generous amount of cover and the weather here is rarely so cold that you'd be pained to be out there. They were VERY professional and yet welcoming. So often a range or gun shop can house the worst in egos. The distant glare of wanna-bes who hate you for having been. But not here. I liked that you were assigned a rifle lane but can roam the pistol section and shoot as you wish there.

The entrance fee was quite reasonable - particularly when you consider that you need do nothing but shoot. You don't even have to police your brass. Matter of fact, if you intend to keep it, you'd better pick it up as the gentlemen run by with their funky sweeper often. I'm sure its a profitable endeavor for them.

They were doing a land office business and we got one of the last rifle lanes (shorter) available. We were going to get the sights all set so we waited for the cease fire and he set up the target. That was about the last fun there was for me. I have NO IDEA what was going wrong but I could NOT shoot the damned thing! OK, better put I could not AIM it. I suspect a number of issues - none of them related to Trooper's aid. Cross-eye dominance is, I think, a major issue. Old prescription of glasses needing updated is another. Having to crane my neck over to see through the sights while not knocking my glasses askew another. And, of course, the reports of MASSIVE weapons to either side of me startling me and making me even more angry.

I'll fess up right here and now. Tears of frustration started rolling and I had not a single hanky to hide them in. What was wrong with me?! I was just not making it work and no matter how much patience I applied it just wasn't coming off at the other end of the range. I gamely kept trying, the others to either side of us giving glances - tearful women with high powered weapons being a sensitive matter - but eventually, I just had Trooper shoot his SOCOM and stood back. I was smiling through the tears, angry at myself for them, wishing I could just make it stop. Wishing I could just announce to the guys that for me it's like trying to masturbate in an oven glove. NOT WORKING and pissing me off.

Ah, well - we moved down to the pistol range - the longer one which I think was 25 yds. He had his 1911 so we shot that. I love that thing. It is SO point and shoot. And the sights are just spot on. Also, I could use either eye to focus and, frankly, the left rocked. Head shots over and over, belly buttons given. Chests remodeled. Of course, they were the fun zombie targets that our friend gave Trooper as a gift. So, it all ended on a high point and I was happy to have proven to myself that I am capable of shooting well.

But I am damned well getting my eyes checked. And we'll go to the free range and work on that rifle issue. Oh, hell yes. Because I will not give up that easily. We'll figure it out and make it work.

2 comments: said...

I just saw the zombie targets somewhere else. I MUST HAVE THEM. And right soon.

LauraB said...

The zombies are, IMO, more fun to shoot. Mostly because they remind me of the rabble that will try to get my Wheatabix when it all goes to hell.

Got a giggle at the range, I'm sure. There is a time for precision targets and a time for slaying.

Just sayin'.