Monday, December 01, 2008

Dream Cabinet

Trooper and I were reviewing our dream ticket and came up with this - we think it actually rather sound. Well, as far as it can be given one is voting. <snicker>

President: Sarah Palin (yeah, there are problems with it, sure, but better than some)
VP: Ted Nugent (Hey, worthwhile just for the revamp of All Hail The Chief)
Sec of Treasury: Gene Simmons (Guaranteed to be a profitable endeavor for once...)
Sec of Defense: R. Lee Ermey (Motto: Nuke em from orbit. It's the only way to be sure)

Also, in order to get back to basics, the following will no longer be in existence or edited accordingly:

Dept. of Agriculture (If you don't know how to do it by now, just work at McDonalds)
Dept. of Interior (WTF? I think we know what's here. Leave it to the Rangers. Pay them more.)
Dept. of Commerce (Just a fucking speedbump, my friend, in the path of capitalism. Move it.)
Dept. of Labor (Can you spell Job? You can find one. I promise.)
Dept. of Education (You've spent far too much and gotten worse and worse. No Soup For You!)
Dept. of State (Meh. I say find that guy who gave the finger to the [Ed: IED setting MoFo fingered by Gunnery Sgt Michael Burghardt] in Iraq. Him.)
Dept. of Energy (Full of inertia. Seriously. Look at the guy. He hasn't moved at speed in years.)
Dept. of Transportation (Uh...we've got roads. Trains. Planes. Get on one.)
Dept. of Health and Human Services (Give that budget to the military. We're gonna need it.)
Dept. of Homeland Security (You've done nothing but dick things up. Seriously. Enough.)
Dept. of Veterans Affairs (An unpaid volunteer role so that the salary can go to helping vets.)
Dept. of Housing and Urban Development (Because they've done so well. Right? Outta here.)

So there...maybe it's not reasonable. Hell, it's impossible. But can you imagine the amount of pure tax money you'd have back if the above were gone? They and all their sycophants? Damn it, I wish I could crunch those numbers.

So, come on. I need a bumper sticker - Palin/Nugent.


Liberty Girl said...

Oh yeah, I'll take that challenge.

Anonymous said...
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LauraB said...

And LG goes for the gold!

Superb effort, m'dear. I think I shall have to get some printed up and distributed. With all due credit to you, of course.

Richmond said...

I like it!! :)