Friday, December 19, 2008

Keeping Troopers Employed

Well, it's that season...

The fog rolled into town yesterday morning and by 9a CT every tow truck on the Travis County list was in use. It was amazing to watch, really...all the grey and silver cars without their lights on, all the ass riding with just-slick roads, not to mention the ol' too fast for conditions issue.

A few days ago, a couple young men made a very foolish decision rendering their homes echoingly empty for the holiday. Trooper went to the scene as the wreck unit headed that way. Sad, really. Even the belted-in passenger had no chance - the belt frayed with the extreme forces, the buckle's plastic melted from the friction. Can you imagine that? Enough force to literally pull a seat belt apart in the middle? And all because they didn't want to stay behind slower traffic.

Move to yesterday evening, the fog starting to settle once again for the night. This time it was a man of enough "maturity" to know better - crossing the double yellow to advance in the oncoming lane just so he could get in front of a dump truck. He still had to sit at the light.

How I ached to whip my own vehicle to the side and tap on the window. Explain how a very similar decision rendered two young men lifeless - and wouldn't it be a shame for that pretty blonde head of hers there in the passenger seat to be smashed like a grape? I gave it 5 seconds of very serious thought. But drove on, letting them sit at the light, and just cursed him with two flat tires. Slow your ass down, won't it? Utter fool...and need I even mention the ego that surrounds someone who would risk not only their own life but that of an innocent crossing their path?

I KNOW it's hard when you're stressed and just wanting to GET HOME. Or get to granny's. Or get out of the mall dear GOD already. I've been there and done that. But try and remember those two young men in such a hurry to get somewhere and, in that haste, ending the happiness for so many people.

Also, too - if you've had too much, just stay where you are. Or call these guys. Lives are edited in mere moments. You'd be amazed at just how little it takes - how the very smallest of decisions can move in an instant into the biggest mistake of your life.

Remember, People: Better Late Than Dead

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