Monday, December 15, 2008

A New Call Sign

Oh, my...I had thought an Officer could be a Gentleman. But this? Mmm...(HT to Liberty Girl, of course.)
Speaking to ABC's "This Week," McCain was asked whether Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin
could count on his support. "I can't say something like that. We've got some great other young governors. I think you're going to see the governors assume a greater leadership role in our Republican Party," he said.

One suspected as much from the start. For many, McCain was merely the least offensive choice after the preferred candidates looked at the sheer cheating going on and gave up. But he was sharp enough to bring out this lady.

And now...his "character" comes forth. Must have been a kick in the nuts to have people chant her name even while you tried to speak, eh? Poor bastard. Well, there is a name I've used for people like that - someone who would treat an actual lady with such disdain. It's an old term and you've likely not heard it used. But it suits.

Carpet Knight

It denotes a knight who spends his time in luxury and idleness (knighted on the carpet at court rather than on the field of battle). Now, I do not intend this to demean his time in service at all. But something happened between there and the "crowning" as Republican choice for office. A man who would put up with that torture wouldn't seem the type to be so ruthless against a woman in public.

She has, after all, dealt with an enormous amount of slander and bullshit with candor and aplomb. She may not be what is needed in entirety but I wager that she would do better than most and learn far faster along the way.

Personally, I think she needs to make Alaska one of the first states to free themselves of massive federal oversight and go it alone. She could do much in that vein. And lead the way in that manner whilst ensuring her state receives a hefty influx of new residents because of it. She is a bit too clean for the other battle. And I wouldn't want her sullied or changed by it. No, she's better than that. Let's hope she keeps it that way.


folly said...

I've often thought that as much as I'd like to see Sarah Palin as the President, I have this feeling that she'd have to give something up to do it. That she would have to lower herself to the job.

She's been incredibly gutsy during the campaign, and I think that she came out of it as whole as she went in. She never sold her soul.

Too bad McCain did.

Alaska doesn't look that bad these days.

Liberty Girl said...

If only it weren't so frickin' COLD.

folly said...

Well, it's 16 outside here. Anyway, I like the cold. And the hunting is much better.

You know, Juneau has much the same weather as Seattle.