Sunday, December 07, 2008


In the face of a zombie-pocalypse, would you prefer a diverse set of caliber needs or a focus on one type and stocking the hell out of it?

I think the former a better idea in terms of barter/trade for ammo - you might always find something that will work.


Sam said...

Shotgun shells for certain.

I'm a revolver person, and since .357's can also handle regular .38 as well as +p...I'm downtown with that.

.223 for a black gun as in a lot of stuff.

The question is: how much is enough?

Wahrheit said...

In my humble opinion, .22 and 9mm are the trade goods. Make sure you have plenty of whatever you personally shoot, but I have bought up these two on "super-duper special" a couple of times and now own a nice surplus if barter ever became necessary.

Nice blogging. Joan of Arrggh sent me.

LauraB said...

Thanks for the comments. We've a wide range of weaponry here so we would have to go with a diverse stock. But before I went with yet another I was wondering about the matter...