Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Thin Lines

This is going to be a scattershot post though perhaps all related in a way...

I was thinking about Israel and how much crap they deal with when I came across the following videos. There may be something to be said about their choosing to remain in a place of such contention but - it is their decision to make. Who should be permitted to tell them how and when they can defend it and against whom? Like the Texans said, "Come and take it."

So I admit some pleasure in their finally ending capitulation and destruction by taking the offensive. It is long past time. And this gentleman's equating them to gangs seems apt enough.

H/T to this guy as noted at The Slack

To be sure they appear to be the only ones doing a damned thing about the "Arab Issue". A part of me wishes they'd take care of it in a permanent way but...they are good people, generally, and probably will avoid it.


Also noted at The Slack..."Republican Party officials say they will try next month to pass a resolution accusing President Bush and congressional Republican leaders of embracing "socialism," underscoring deep dissension within the party at the end of Mr. Bush's administration."

Aw, ain't it sweet? Starting to notice everyone getting a bit antsy lately? Seeing the writing on the wall? Or just all the weapons purchases? Too fucking little and way too fucking late. Do I label the man as a socialist? Perhaps not entirely. But there may be things that we don't know. The reach of Cankles is deep and wide, after all...


Look here and decide for yourself if this stance is that of a single shop or the entire chain...From a Bass Pro Shop employee: "WE do NOT stock 'assault rifles.'" (He said the name sneeringly, with emphasis.) "We only carry SPORTING weapons."

Reason enough for me to avoid them in the future.


As I drove to the office yesterday, this word (interregnum) was stuck in my brain and would not go away. I've no idea why - did I read it somewhere? Is this a pause between reigns? It certainly feels like a monarchy rather than a republic...


Herein a thing to stir you from the general ennui of late - what could be worse than this? I have always worried that our destruction would be from without rather than within - and that to remain on this slender bit of soil the worst kind of profligate waste. If we are the only ones...shouldn't we be trying harder to ensure some of us make it out of here?

And to cleanse your mental palate, this lovely bit. (If the link does not work properly, check the Playlist on the left and look for The Sky In Motion video.) It ought to make one feel quite insignificant. Or very, very special...

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D.W. said...

This a lot to comment on...whew!

Back during the days of the Clinton "Assault Weapons Ban" it was pointed out ad nauseum that there is no such thing as an "assault weapon." There are many other categories, e.g. semi-auto, automatic, belt-fed machine guns, etc. but no one manufactures an "assault rifle". Giving the BPS employee the benefit of the doubt, it is possible that he was trying to "school" the questioner about this misnomer. I'd hate to think that BPS is going soft on us...

As to the Israeli operations, I still believe that the people living in Gaza should be given two options: 1) Become Israeli citizens and assimilate themselves into that nation. 2) Relocate to a muslim nation of their choice and become a citizen there.

I don't believe that anything else will ever foster peaceful coexistence.

I believe that the Republican party is finished. I left it behind after the past year's primaries, and haven't looked back. I believe the party will split before the next elections, with conservatives (the REAL ones) forming their own party, and the squish Republicans (to borrow a term from Vox Day) will go their own way.

As to the rest, I don't have time to watch the videos (i'm a working slave, too, and have to work today) but I've always been a big supporter of moving humans out into the universe. To paraphrase from one of my favorite movies, Contact, it'd otherwise be a hell of a waste of space...

Happy New Year!